'Vertigo' Is The New Best, Eccleston Is In 'Thor 2,' And You Should Never Game With Batman In The Daily Geek

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- WHO'S IN THOR 2! Christopher Eccleston is the baddie in "Thor 2!"

- THE BEST! "Vertigo" beats out "Citizen Kane" as the new best film of all time!

- SPEAKING OF THE BEST! Get a look at the this gallery of some of the amazing posters from "Vertigo" poster artist Saul Bass!

- PROMETHEUS PART DEUX! A "Prometheus" sequel is on the way, and I don't care what you say, that's a very good thing!

- PARANORMAL TEASING! Meet the neighbors from Hell in the teaser for "Paranormal Activity 4!"

- BEHIND THE STEEL VISOR THING! Check out these great behind-the-scenes pics from "Robocop!" (click <---that link for more!)

- FUND IT! Kickstart Ukiyo-e Heroes!


'til tomorrow, gang!

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