Sebastian, Bring Me Some Iced Tea: New Manga for the Week of August 1

With Anime Expo, San Diego, and Otakon behind us, and everyone in publishing taking a well-deserved vacation, the flurry of digital news and new-license announcements is behind us, and this is a good week to chill out and read some new manga.

For CLAMP fans, Viz has the third volume of their omnibus edition of X. Here's what Kate Dacey, a.k.a. The Manga Critic, has to say about it:

One of the things I like best about the new VIZ 3-in-1 edition is the trim size. CLAMP’s gorgeous, swirling linework and epic battles finally have enough room to breathe, allowing readers to appreciate just how detailed (and gory!) it really is. I’m also enjoying the omnibus format; with an enormous cast and a profusion of subplots, X is the kind of story that’s best read in large installments.

Also new from Viz, on the digital side: Vol. 8 of Blue Exorcist, which is coming out digitally a couple of months ahead of print because it will start running in Shonen Jump Alpha pretty soon, so they need to catch up with the Japanese releases.

Kodansha Comics had two new releases this week, vol. 5 of Negima! (the omnibus edition) and vol. 7 of Deltora Quest.

Since we were still recovering from San Diego last week, here are a few notable releases that we missed:

This was the big release week for Yen Press, with a stack of new manga for pretty much every taste. On top of my stack: Vol. 10 of Black Butler, in which a new vicar mysteriously appears; it's sort of entertaining to see how this series mines British entertainment tropes and turns them upside down. Also new to the shelves: Vol. 1 of Soul Eater NOT, which is being serialized in Yen Plus magazine simultaneously with the Japanese release; vol. 3 of Durarara!!, the crazies-in-the-city story of life in Ikebukuro; vol. 11 of Pandora Hearts; vol. 12 of 13th Boy, which wraps up this charming manhwa series; and vol. 1 of The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-Chan, yet another Haruhi spinoff. You can never have too many Haruhi spinoffs, right?

From Dark Horse, we get vol. 2 of Drifters, the weird history-fantasy-journey manga from Hellsing creator Kohta Hirano.

And finally, Vertical had vol. 4 of GTO: 14 Days in Shonan, continuing the story of Great Teacher Onizuka's adventures in a halfway house by the sea.

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