New 'Doctor Who' Full Trailer And Promo Pics Exterminates Our Brain Cells

Well, it's finally here: the full (ninety second) length "<a href="Doctor Who" trailer, giving a bigger peek at the upcoming Series 7. Oh, and did you catch that awesome bit of promo art above? Don't worry, you can watch it moving in the trailer below, followed by our detailed analysis:

So what are we seeing here? First off, there's footage from the first three episodes - Asylum of the Daleks, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, and A Town Called Mercy - as well as some glimpses of the fifth, New York set episode with the Weeping Angels. There may be bits from the fourth episode, titled Cubed, but we know literally nothing about that, so who knows?

Beyond that, the feeling of the trailer is... Mixed. Clearly, based on Amy's, "See, this is what happens when you travel alone for too long," the Doctor is a little darker than he has been - and a rift seems to have grown between him and the Ponds. Will this be the eventual reason for Amy and Rory leaving the TARDIS, rather than any particular death? That's my theory, but we'll see pretty soon.

Other great bits?

- Looks like maybe the Doctor is going to have to team up with the Daleks, or save them in some way, if I'm reading the footage correctly.

- Murray Gold's Western version of the Who theme music that plays under the second half of the trailer, which makes us one billion times more excited to head to "Mercy."

- The shots of Gillan and Smith in Times Square, which makes us feel like maybe we could bump into them on the way to work one day.

- Baby Weeping Angel blowing out Rory's match, which suggests that we need a Who Babies spin-off. "Exterminate...The Nanny!"

- Olde Timey River Song (which we'll get to see more of in Episode Five).

- "Who do you think?"

That all said, still no word on WHEN we're getting "Doctor Who" back on the TV screen. The BBC America promo states this Fall, while the BBC One version says this Autumn. Translation: not August, if we know our months correctly. In fact, we may not even see "Who" at this point until October, we're guessing, to allow nice spacing with the Christmas Special. Oh well, guess we'll just have to rewatch this trailer every minute of every day until then.