Alt-Country Band Lambchop Covers The 'Squidbillies' Theme

This is what it sounds like when the Nashville ensemble bring their own spin to the Adult Swim series' theme song. They're the latest act to provide music for the southern-fried cartoon's opening behind bands Soilent Green and Band of Horses.

In my interview with series co-creator Jim Fortier last year, he talked about the opportunity to get some of his favorite musicians to work on the show:

[That] was certainly something I was very psyched about. It was kind of cool excuse to get to know a bunch of cool musicians and kind of do something different and challenging. And we cover it pretty extensively on the DVD and the episode came out pretty great.

That was one of those things where we try to get new artists to record a scene and it’s kind of a fun, stupid thing to do because no other show on TV constantly changes their theme, and their lyrics and the artist performing it. That’s certainly kind of a fun thing.

Lambchop's take on the tune will make its way into this week's episode which airs on Sunday night. New episodes of Squidbillies air Sunday nights at 12:15 on Adult Swim.

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