USB Solar Charger Tree Powers Gadgets With The Sun!

With the increasing number of electronics in our homes, we've always got an eye out for greener methods of keeping our gear juiced up. Take this USB Solar Charger Tree for instance. It features a cool modern design that is completely solar powered!

While it may not have a huge impact on your electric bill every month, there's no denying the environmental benefits. Just imagine if everyone started charging their smartphones with the sun – that could have a massive impact on energy consumption!

What we really like about the charger tree is its portability. It comes out of the box disassembled, requiring you to plug in a few wires and stand up the “tree” limbs. After the first time I'm sure you'd be familiar enough to take it apart and stick it in your bag before your next camping trip. It would even be great for a day at the park or beach – you know it would look cool sitting on a picnic table!

If you're worried about not having the proper cord to charge your devices, don't be. It comes with a slew of different connectors compatible with a number of manufacturers, along with standard micro and mini USB ports. There's even a connector that will work with your PSP, if you're looking to do some greener gaming. You don't have to worry about cloudy days either – the charger tree can be plugged into a standard wall outlet.

You can pick up the USB Solar Charger Tree from for about $55. Take a minute to look around if you head over there, they have a bunch of other neat solar chargers available as well.