Wes Craven And Steve Niles Bring The 'Rage'

Horror masters Wes Craven and Steve Niles are teaming up to bring the graphic novel "Coming Of Rage" to stores via the recently formed Liquid Comics.

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" creator Craven created the comic, while the "30 Days of Night" writer, Niles wrote it. No word yet on who's handling the art duties.

There are also no details about the concept or story of "Coming of Rage" available at this time but based on the hands in the art seen here, we can guess there's a fuzzy werewolfy creature, a rotting zombie-type, something a touch vampiric(?), and a regular dude involved.

Along with Craven, producer Arnold Rifkin and Liquid Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan are developing "Rage" as a feature film.

"Coming of Rage" will be 5-issue issue series, a graphic novel and will have additional content for iPads and iPhones.

We'll let you know more about "Coming of Rage" as we find out the details.

[Source: Deadline]