Play Chess On A LEGO Star Wars Board, You Will

Star Wars chess sets are awesome. Star Wars LEGO sets are awesome. A Star Wars LEGO chess set? Well that's just plain craziness! The Star Wars: Return of the Jedi LEGO chess set you see above is just one of three sets created by Brandon Griffith to celebrate the original Star Wars Trilogy.

The set is a completely custom LEGO creation featuring a game board that doubles as a storage box for all of the LEGO Star Wars turned chess pieces. Naturally, one end of the board is home to Darth Vader, The Emperor and Imperial Forces while the other end gives way to Luke, Leia and the Rebel forces, along with some helpful Ewoks. Being inspired by Return of the Jedi, the board clearly draws inspiration from the forest moon Endor, and Griffith did a wonderful job making the board feel like it came straight out of the Ewok village.

While the Return of the Jedi board is no doubt cool, let's not forget that there are two others to round out this commemorative MOC. The Empire Strikes Back board features Darth Vader and The Emperor's hologram as the king and queen pieces for the dark side, while Master Yoda is featured as king of the light side and a Princess Leia/Han Solo combo stands as the queen. With the inclusion of some massive AT-AT walkers and a Hoth inspired game board, this is probably my favorite set of the three.

That doesn't mean the New Hope board is any less cool. Griffith has done great work on all three of these creations and the rebel soldiers from Princess Leia's transport in the film really set this one off for me. They just look so ready all lined up in front of the Empire's Stormtroopers. Another nice touch are the Tusken Raiders and Greedo filling in for the Rooks on the dark side and the moisture farm vaporators on the light side. All in all, we're very impressed by the work Griffith has done and can't wait to see what else he has up his sleeve.

If you want to see a bunch more photos of these great sets, along with some other really cool LEGO creations, head over to Brandon Griffith's Flickr page.

VMAs 2018