There Was Never Just One: These Are The 5 Best Spies In Comics

Sure, Jason Bourne might have redefined the spy genre on screen, but in comics, those wily secret intelligence agents have been goofing around for years. Here’s five of our favorite comic book secret agents:

5. Jon Moore

The star of Image Comics’ cult hit "Who Is Jake Ellis" Jon Moore is on the run from various shady government - and non-government - agencies throughout the series. Along the way, he’s helped by a man named Jake Ellis, who may or may not actually exist... But does seem to know what’s happening in places Moore can’t see, and keeps him two - or more - steps ahead of whatever and whoever is trying to kill him.

4. Casanova Quinn

It’s a little difficult to boil down exactly who Matt Fraction’s master spy is, and that’s because he isn’t always a master spy. The dimension tripping sometimes villain, sometimes hero named Casanova is always on the run from somebody, whether its his own Father, Sister, or the agents of spy organization E.M.P.I.R.E. Also: he’s got great hair.

3. Cinderella

You may know her better as the lady with the glass slipper, but the blonde haired lass is also Fabletown’s greatest spy. Tasked with taking care of the dirty deeds too difficult, or two nasty for anyone else in Vertigo’s "Fables" series, Cinderella may be no Princess, but she’s a cracking good spy.

2. Winter Soldier

Captain America’s former partner Bucky used to work for the US Army, before being brainwashed into being an assassin for Russian Intelligence. After getting his memory back, and then faking his own death (again), Bucky now works underground, trying to right the wrongs from his past. This is... The title sequence speech for an ‘80s syndicated version of a Winter Soldier TV show.

1. Nick Fury

How’s the biggest, baddest spy in any comic book universe? Heck, there’s no other choice than Nicolas Furyberg himself, the eye-patched wonder who’s a total bad-ass in any universe. In the 616, though, there was a good long period where Fury went rogue, forced out of S.H.I.E.L.D. and worked his own spy-ops, with the help of a team of Secret Warriors. Now, his son is running things, and he’s taking a back seat, but come on, he’s Nick Fury: you can’t keep a good spy down for long.

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