Ant-Man, Avatar, Bane in 'Star Trek' And More In The Daily Geek

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- ANT-MAN! Is Marvel's "Ant-Man" coming in 2014?

- I SEE YOU...LATER! The "Avatar" sequel isn't happening until 2015.

- IT'S A BLIMP! Yeah...this is not a UFO.

- INCORRUPTIBLE Very nice Batman art from David Ryan Andersson.

- UH OH! Twitter did something bad. Can they fix it?

- BEFORE HE WAS BANE! Watch Tom "Bane" Hardy's screen test from "Star Trek: Nemesis."

- PKD 2: D HARDER! Who will be the next Philip K. Dick?

- SERENITY NOW! Watch the late Chris Marker's "Cat Listening to Music"

- EXCLUSIVE! Watch the exclusive premiere of "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" trailer RIGHT HERE!

'til tomorrow, gang!