Exclusive First Look And Interview: McFarlane Toys Goes International With Their Curse Of Spawn Statue

Fresh on the heels of their Haunt statue, McFarlane Toys has given us an exclusive First Look at the new Curse of Spawn resin statue, available exclusively to members of the McFarlane Toys Collector's Club! It's limited to only 1000 pieces and is not only autographed by Todd McFarlane, but also comes with an exclusive limited & numbered Curse of Spawn lithograph.

Read on for more on the Curse of Spawn statue, including more photos and an interview with Spawn-creator Todd McFarlane!

McFarlane Toys Collector Club Exclusive Curse of Spawn Resin Statue

Pre-Orders Starting Saturday, August 18, Noon PST on Store.Spawn.com

Highly limited, only 1,000 produced Worldwide with unique paint variation for each worldwide territory.

FREE Shipping and Handling (US and Canada only)

Free Todd McFarlane Autograph

Free Limited-Edition numbered The Curse of Spawn Lithograph

Joining McFarlane Toys’ line of limited-edition resin statues, The Curse of Spawn’ captures the soul of McFarlane’s comic book creation in spectacular detail. Each statue stands approximately 13.5” tall with base, the figure alone is 12” tall, and sits on a base spanning 13.75” wide and 8.5” deep. All statues are hand-painted and sculpted in the hyper-detail McFarlane is known for with collectors and fans. Each statue is sequentially numbered and is hand-signed by Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane.

Available for $185.00 (US and Canada only, International pricing will vary).

McFarlane Toys has just announced the upcoming availability of its resin statue program in Europe, Australia and New Zealand starting with The Curse of Spawn resin statue. Details are still being finalized and more information will be available coming soon on Spawn.com

Now join us as we ask the man behind Spawn all about this latest statue release:

MTV Geek: What went into deciding this was the character you wanted to give the fans?

Todd McFarlane: Because it cool as s**t! Spawn has been around for more than 20 years and The Curse of Spawn is the one that fans have been asking for as a statue for a long time. It has all the things that make a statue cool, including a ton of blood.

Geek: Was the Curse of Spawn statue sculpted traditionally or digitally, and what do you see as the benefits/drawbacks of one over the other, if any?

For this answer, Michael Gulen, Prototype Development Director, provided some insight into the design process.

Gulen: The Curse of Spawn statue was sculpted traditionally by hand. It was faster for a sculptor to create the rough proportional figure than digitally sculpt it and then print it. And then, in the wax, we could dive right into detailing it to match the comic art. The wax allows us to add in texture and details to the sculpt that 3D printers aren't capable of achieving yet either. We did, however, create the pedestal base digitally to get a perfect machined ellipse for the final presentation.

Geek: Curse of the Spawn is noticeably larger than previous statue releases. Is this due to the scale of the character compared to the others, or is a larger size the plan going forward for future releases?

McFarlane: The larger size is not about the scale of the figure itself but more about having something massive and cool to look at! As the owner of a company, I know that the more value you can give customers, the better. That’s why we are including the free signature and Curse of Spawn numbered lithograph.

Geek: What sparked the decision to make the statue available internationally this time around?

McFarlane: Resin statues are extremely popular outside of the US market, particularly in Europe. Spawn is a very strong brand there. Our international fans have been asking for it in resin for years. So recently, we started talking with several international distributors and they will be handling the pre-orders and/or international distribution of the statues in their territory. So far, we have lined-up distributors in Australia, New Zealand and several countries in Europe.

Geek: Are there any particular characters or versions of Spawn that you personally would love to see as statues sooner or later?

McFarlane: There have been dozens of Spawn versions throughout time, but my objection is not to show a different look on every statue. What is more important than the costume he is wearing is how dynamic the pose is, the size and scale and price. If you can hit the mark on all those points, my hope is that is something that the consumers will react too. Mickey Mouse didn’t change his costume all that much, and people bought a lot of Mickey Mouse stuff.

Geek: That's it, guys! Anything coming up you'd like to promote or let fans know about?

McFarlane: We have some really cool statues planned in the future from franchise properties with worldwide name recognition including HALO, The Walking Dead Comics, of course Spawn and star players from the NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA. Right now, folks can pre-order a kick-ass Haunt Statue with Robert Kirkman and my signature on our online store. (http://store.spawn.com/products/Haunt-Resin-Statue.html) The statue actually turns 360 degrees on the base, man, it’s just the coolest thing.

For more on the Curse of Spawn statue, along with all the other goodies McFarlane Toys has coming down the pipeline, be sure to check out their official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for all your McFarlane Toys coverage!

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