Flying Frog Productions Opens Game Pre-Orders, Details Gen Con Plans

Back in March, Flying Frog Productions stole the GAMA Trade Show when they unveiled new content for their successful Last Night on Earth and A Touch of Evil game franchises. With just a few weeks to go until Gen Con, one of the gaming industry's other main events, Flying Frog has opened the pre-order floodgates and revealed their convention plans.

Five years after its original release, Last Night on Earth remains the best zombie-themed board game in an increasingly crowded market. As Flying Frog's first game, though, it's been put on the back burner in favor of developing new properties such as Conquest of Planet Earth and Fortune and Glory. In fact, we haven't seen new Last Night on Earth content since the Survival of the Fittest expansion was released almost two years ago.

That's all about to change now, as Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak has gone up for pre-order. This will be the first-ever standalone expansion for the series, providing a fresh introductory experience for new players. For Last Night on Earth veterans, Timber Peak will have a few "survivor" versions of heroes from the original game, as well as an experience system for them and zombies alike to earn in-game upgrades.

Timber Peak comes loaded with extras when pre-ordered direct from Flying Frog. Included in the package are two promotional buttons, two promotional cards with alternate art, and a signed 8"x10" art print.

Additional games up for pre-order include The Coast and Hero Pack 2, both expansions to Flying Frog's supernatural themed A Touch of Evil. In order to encourage web orders, a special bonus package for The Coast has been made available, containing similar items to those packed in with Timber Peak. The previously out-of-print Stock Up mini-expansion supplement for Last Night on Earth is also available.

As for Flying Frog's Gen Con plans, they'll have limited quantities of both Timber Peak and The Coast bonus packages. Fans will also get a chance to meet Maria De La Rosa, a model featured in A Touch of Evil card art. Flying Frog's booth will be located in the middle of Gen Con's exhibit hall at booth #1331.

Flying Frog Productions Model Maria De La Rosa

Although it was great to see Flying Frog branch out with new titles over the past two years, those have been met with mixed reviews. A return to Flying Frog's classic titles is just what fans have been looking for, and with the news that Last Night on Earth will be featured on an upcoming episode of TableTop, those fans may become more numerous than ever.