'The Avengers' And 'Big Bang Theory' Get The Russian Nesting Doll Treatment

Even before it's chart-topping success at the box office, Marvel's The Avengers merchandise was everywere. Whether you wanted action figures, phone cases, posters or t-shirts you could pretty much find the Avengers anywhere. However, one of the more creative Avengers products we've seen are these incredibly funny looking Matryoshka Dolls (aka Russian Nesting Dolls).

Created by Irene Hwang, the set is currently up for grabs through her Etsy shop, BoBo Babushka. It comes complete with 8 separate dolls – Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Nick Fury and Loki – with the tallest (Hulk) standing 9” and the smallest (Loki) a mere 3/4”. There is only one set available and it will cost anyone interested about $200 before shipping.

While they are definitely the most superhero-y nesting dolls available through the shop, the Avengers aren't the only characters Hwang has created in Matryoshka form. Characters from TV and movies such as Flight of the Concords, The Darjeeling Limited, The Big Bang Theory, The Addams Family, Rocky Horror Picture Show and even Spinal Tap have also received the nesting doll treatment at the hands of Hwang.

The Big Bang Theory set comes with all of the main characters – Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj and Penny – with Sheldon being the largest and Penny the smallest. These Matryoshka dolls, while still awesome, are a little cheaper than The Avengers set, coming in at $120.