Real-Life Kuratas Mech Has Smile-Activated Gatling Guns

This isn't the first attempt at a real-life mech we've seen, but it is one of the most advanced and definitely the coolest. Revealed this year at Wonder Fest 2012, the Kuratas is an amazing art project from the folks at Suidobashi Heavy Industry and it's completely functional.

Designed and constructed by iron worker and artist Kogoro Kurata, Kuratas stands 12-feet 5-inches tall and weighs an impressive 9,920 lbs. While the giant mech is clearly inspired by the war machines featured in countless anime and manga series, the creators claim it was built and designed for fun. For instance, rather than blasting deadly missiles, it fires what are referred to as “eco-missles” that they claim would not hurt a person. However, the twin-gatling guns that can shoot up to 6,000 BBs per minute DO make the machine pretty dangerous.

The mech features a one-man cockpit to carry the pilot and sports a wild combination of touch-screen, master-slave and gesture controls (powered by Kinect) that allow the pilot to control the mech's arms. The most disturbing part about the Kuratas would have to be the smile-activated BB guns. Yes, when the pilot inside the cockpit smiles, the gatling guns fire! Check out the video below for a full breakdown on functionality and features.

Pretty awesome, right? What's most impressive is the fact that Suidobashi Heavy Industry is willing to build you your very own, even giving customers the ability to customize their mech with different paint schemes, “weapons” and parts on the official website. Of course, you'll have to come with at least $1,353,500 if you're seriously interested.

[PlasticPals via Suidobashi Heavy Industry]