Mos Eisley Cantina Couldn't Handle This R2D2 Guitar

This may not be the first themed guitar we've ever seen, but by god it is awesome. Clearly modeled after the galaxy's favorite astromech droid, R2D2, this geek rock masterpiece is the product of some long, dedicated hours by a fellow known simply as Doug.

According to Doug's Tumblr page, the R2D2 guitar began life as simple sketch, but it wasn't long before the build was underway. First Doug had to find the inner workings that make an electric guitar scream and, like any nerd on mission would, he made his way over to the Craigslist and snatched up a used Ibanez guitar. The neck, on the other hand, was ordered from a custom shop in San Francisco.

That's all fine and dandy, but what really has us drooling over this piece is the body. To get the astromech shape needed for an R2D2 guitar, Doug custom cut two pieces of poplar that were later sandwiched together. All of the R2 details were hand painted with acrylic paint and, as you can see, he did a nice job matching R2D2's dirty shell. To protect the final product, 2 pieces of custom cut and beveled, clear acrylic sheet were applied to the front and back.

The R2D2 guitar looks great and though you're probably wondering where you can one of your own, your out of luck. It seems as though this guitar will be staying in Doug's collection.

[Walyou via Geekologie]