Exclusive Card Preview: Ascension's 'Immortal Heroes' Expansion Packs a Punch

It's been a slow stretch of news for hobby gaming as companies prepare to unleash their new game announcements at Gen Con, but one company not holding back is Gary Games. The fourth set in their successful Ascension deckbuilding card game, Immortal Heroes, will premiere at Gen Con. In advance, Gary Games has been releasing a steady stream of card previews on their official Facebook page, and they've done a great job of getting us excited for the new set.

We led things off here on MTV Geek back in early May with a first look at the new "Soul Gem" card type, but now closer to the Immortal Heroes release, we're taking a look at another exclusive card preview. Read on to check out The World Tree, a 7-cost Lifebound Construct that can be an extremely powerful asset in the right hands.

Let's be clear about this. I would snatch up The World Tree every time it popped up in a game of Ascension. This card is a beast and is fitting of its 7 cost! The World Tree will let you drain the honor pool like no other card in the game. Pass it up at your own peril, and watch your opponent drain the pool themselves as soon as they gain the smallest of a lead.  This card would still be an OK get if it were a hero, but the fact that it is a construct puts its value through the roof.

As for other news out of Gary Games, keep your eyes peeled for SolForge. Details at this point are slim, but this second game system from Gary Games will be a digital trading card game. Leading up to Gen Con, the company plans to release more information about SolForge in early August.

Me? I just want to know how soon we'll be able to get Immortal Heroes in the Ascension iOS app.