A Full Season of Joe: Complete 'G.I. Joe: Renegades' Season One One Blu-ray In September

After releasing the first half of season one on DVD back in June, Shout! Factory is following up with all 26 episodes from the first season of the Hub TV series on September 25th.

The set contains the entire first season fugitives-from-justice arc of the updated series which has some similarities to the recently-delayed big screen counterpart. Right now, the only special feature detailed in the Shout! Factory announcement is a behind-the-scenes doc from the series, but they also promise more details about the three-disc set in the coming months. Hey, it's a step up from the previous DVD release which was barebones.

I reviewed the first half of season one on release: it's watchable as long as you don't hold it up against the eccentric, toyetic craziness of the 80's original. This series is, for good or bad, fairly serious as the escapee Joes, led by Duke, flee the rest of the G.I. Joe Force while trying to collect dirt on multinational conglomerate and secret criminal organization, Cobra. Cobra Commander is the CEO and the Baroness is the company's PR rep.

Now, if you happened to pick up Renegades's DVD release, don't fret: season two, part two is coming out day and date with the Blu-ray release.

G.I. Joe Renegades: Season One is selling for a suggested retail price of $49.97.

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