"Agent 88" Brings a Senile Assassin to Life... and Kickstarter!

Back in the early days of collectible action figures, Art Asylum was the company responsible for some of the coolest and edgiest designs around. Their figures weren't found in Wal-Mart or the other big retail chains, but instead were stocked in comic shop and music stores. Digger T. Mesch, and his incredible sculpting prowess, was the man running the Asylum and has since went on to pioneer the Minimates design and a number of fantastic statues and figures from companies like Diamond Select Toys-- and he was also one of the first guys in the trenches fighting for artist's rights against the big toy companies! Now, Digger is taking his eye for design to the small screen with his directorial debut on the new web-series "Agent 88"-- and he needs your help! While some big names (Heavy Metal, Diamond Select Toys, Jim Mahfood, David Mack, etc.) have shown their support, the funds to make this series about an 88 year-old, absent-minded, female assassin is coming from donations through Kickstarter. How does helping out give back to you, other than that warm, fuzzy feeling in your belly? How about exclusive art books and custom Minimates?!

Read on for all the info on "Agent 88", including the names attached to the project and how to donate!

Senior Female Yakuza Action Film Introduces Hollywood’s Newest Old Face

Heavy Metal Magazine and Diamond Select Toys Support Radical New Film Project - AGENT 88

An aggressive 30 day Kickstarter campaign has been launched by Director/Artist Digger T Mesch of Dig Deep Entertainment and Producer Jan Utstein-O’Neillposter of Hurricane Entertainment in support of a web series that introduces the world’s most deadly assassin. The surprising spin on this seemingly atypical Kung Fu Shoot Em’ Up series is that our hero is an 88-year-old British woman with Alzheimer’s disease.

AGENT 88 is an eclectic cocktail of KILL BILL and MR. MAGOO. It stars 80-year-old avid student of Tai Chi/London theatre actress Kay D’Arcy (CRIMINAL MINDS), and is anything but another action flick. A88 was launched July 10th, the day before San Diego Comic Con, in association with Heavy Metal Magazine’s 35th anniversary event. In a very short time span AGENT 88, with its $88,000 goal, has been garnering support from an enthusiastic and growing fan base of genre lovers.

In solidarity for the project Heavy Metal Magazine has agreed to publish its very first Kickstarter exclusive book. “HEAVY METAL Presents:The ART of 88” will feature 88 world renowned artists including Simon Bisley(LOBO, DREDD), Kevin Eastman (TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, HEAVY METAL), David Mack (KABUKI, DAREDEVIL) and Jim Mahfood(SPIDERMAN, Kevin Smith's CLERKS). Sponsorship also comes from Diamond Select Toys with limited edition MINIMATES, the highly collectible designer toy-line created by Digger himself and currently celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

Agent 88 has some amazing names and faces attached, including Kevin Eastman (creator of TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES), Kevin Grevioux(creator/actor UNDERWORLD), Carlos Gallardo (EL MARIACHI, DESPERADO), Damion Poitier (Thanos in THE AVENGERS, TRUE BLOOD), Joseph Gatt (THOR, STAR TREK 2013), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca - STAR WARS), Alexis Cruz (STARGATE), Satine Phoenix (Artist, Entertainer) and former lead singer of Godhead - Jason Charles Miller.

Agent 88 is the brainchild of Director/Writer/Artist Digger T Mesch who founded the Brooklyn design house Art Asylum. After traveling Asia for over a decade Digger has returned to settle in Hollywood and take on the big boys with this exciting new web series. By attaching top notch talent to the cutting edge new medium of web entertainment he intends to aggregate a fan base worthy of an A-List feature film. American Director/Producer Jon Schnepp(METALOCALYPSE) has agreed to come on as a guest director for the web series.

AGENT 88’s Kickstarter goal is to reach $88,000 by 8/8/12 at (what else?) 8:08 pm PDT.

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