Doctor Who Is The First British TV Show Ever On The Cover Of Entertainment Weekly

Here's a cool little bit of news for your Whovians out there: this week's Entertainment Weekly not only has Doctor Who on the cover, it's also the first time ever that a British TV show has been featured on the front of the magazine! Guess they never got around to that "Jeeves & Wooster: Massive Spoilers Inside!" cover I suggested two decades ago OH WELL.

The issue itself features the "25 greatest cult TV shows from the past 25 years," which is led off by Who, and also, we assume, Battlestar Galactica, Fringe, Jeeves & Wooster, etc.

Also of note, and why this is the focus of the magazine: it's pretty incredible that Doctor Who has gone from intensely cult hit, to something as close to mainstream as most uber-geeky pursuits get. For my money, I'd say that's a testament to Russell T. Davies reinvention of the show, of course, which brought it squarely into the modern era. But even moreso, Steven Moffat's take over the past two years, which has finally made Who a "real" TV show, that doesn't bank on the legion of fans excusing cheesy effects and silly storylines for the sake of their fandom; but instead, has a distinct look, feel, and characters all its own.

No word on whether the issue will just pay tribute to Who (probably), versus having any new info (probably not), but I guess we'll just have to pick it up and find out. Seriously though: we still don't know when the new season of Doctor Who premieres? Really? What up, BBC America? What? Up?