Daniel Clowes Goes To HBO with 'The Landlord'

Little Miss Sunshine filmmakers Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, who's Ruby Sparks is in theaters now, are teaming up with genius cartoonist Daniel Clowes for the HBO pilot The Landlord.

Dayton explained to SF Gate:

Dayton: We are doing a pilot for HBO written by (Berkeley writer and artist) Daniel Clowes. We go back with him to a music video we all did together on (rock band) the Ramones. The pilot is called "The Landlord," and it is about a college professor who inherits an apartment building, and he has an ideal expectation of how he is going to run it.

Clowes wrote Ghost World and Art School Confidential, both of which are adaptations of his own work. He was also involved with the film based on the shot-for-shot remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark by a group of teens but as far as I can tell, that project is warming its keister in development heck.

The Landlord is the first original project we'll see from Clowes as a screenwriter if HBO decides to run with the series.

Here's the aforementioned Ramones vid featuring Clowes' art:

[Source: SF Gate]