Review: Mezco Toyz Rises to the Occasion with New Dark Knight Mez-Itz

*SPOILER ALERT* Later sections in this review mention plot points in the film. Nothing too major, but you might wanna skip the bottom third of this review if you've yet to see "The Dark Knight Rises".

Hot on the heels of "The Dark Knight Rises" making it's way into theaters, Mezco Toyz sent along a set of their Dark Knight Rises Mez-Itz for us to check out. Like their previous comic-style Mez-Itz, these consist of 2" figures grouped on two-packs and a Batmobile set coupled with a Batman figure. We reviewed the other Mez-Itz Batmobile, but this time we're dealing with a Tumbler! Join us as we take a quick look at the tiny Caped Crusader as he tries to stop the destruction of Gotham City!

The two-packs come packaged on the familiar Mez-Itz blister cards while the Tumbler is displayed in a window box to show it'c compact awesomeness to the world. Simply done, but effective since as far as we're concerned, the packaging is only an obstacle in our way as we free Bane from his imprisonment!

Bane & Batman

This two-pack features Bane, in all of his masked glory. The detailing on both Batman and Bane manages to be accurate, yet keep the simplistic feel that comes with the rounded sculpt of the figures. Each toy has a ball-joint neck and swivels at the shoulders and hips.

Catwoman & Batman

Selina Kyle makes an appearance in this pack. Oddly enough, the female form still manages to work with this cylindical body, and it definitely helps that her hair continues onto her shoulders thanks to the paint apps. The Batman in this pack is the same one seen in the Bane two-pack and is painted just as cleanly. Bruce scores a cape made of pliable plastic that is different from the version accompanying the Tumbler.



This version of the Tumbler isn't actually seen in "The Dark Knight Rises" at all. Nope. Batman sports the Batpod and the new high-flying BAT during his few scenes in the flick. In fact, the only Tumblers seen are the ones Bane steals from the Wayne R&D Department that are painted in militaristic desert camo. This Tumbler is still pretty sweet though. It, like the figures, has all of the necessary detailing while still managing to being "squished" to match the Mez-Itz styling. The roof can be removed via pegs and two Mez-Itz can be seated inside the cockpit. Sadly, unlike the previously reviewed batmobile, the Tumbler doesn't actually roll. Why? Hell if we know, but there is an included paper in the packaging stating that the lack of rolling wheels is on purpose and is NOT a manufacturing defect. This is a huge drawback to the fun factor of the toy, but for sitting on our shelf, it's okay. The Batman in this set differs from the others in that he has a cloth cape. This helps him fit in the Tumbler, and doesn't look half bad.

For fans of designer toys and mini-figures, these The Dark Knight Rises Mez-Itz are very cool. The Tumbler is also nice, but the wheels not turning definitely puts a damper on our enjoyment of it. Still, if a desert-camo version comes out, we'll snatch it up so Bane can have something to hang out in. For more on these, and all of Mezco Toyz other releases, be sure to check out their official website!

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