Kickstartin': Help 'Ren and Stimpy' Creator John K. Make 'Cans Without Labels'

John Kricfalusi, the man who made Ren and Stimpy and kept things just a little weirder for us kids of the 90's needs finishing funds for his current project, Cans Without Labels. Featuring regular Ren and Stimpy character George Liquor, Cans will feature tightwad uncle introducing his nephews to a collection of bargain basement canned goods purchases.

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Kricfalusi, the veteran animator who got his start on providing layouts for The New Adventures of Tom and Jerry and Superfriends before going on to create the surreal adventures of Ren and Stimpy and later, The Ripping Friends, has been working on smaller animation projects for the last decade. These have included a couple of title sequences, including the opening for the season 23 episode of The Simpsons "Bart Stops to Smell the Roosevelts."

Now he's taken to Kickstarter to get completion funds for Cans Without Labels, a short centering on his often apoplectic, Commie-hating character George Liquor character. Read through he Kickstarter page where Kricfalusi details the many ways that George is based on his own father, something of a penny pincher who thought that name brand soda tasted so good as some kind of scam to get you to buy more.

Cans Without Labels spins out of another Kricfalusi anecdote where his father would have the family guy cheap canned goods that would often be missing their labels. In the short, George shows off his collection of mystery cans to his two nephews. George is voiced by the late veteran TV and film actor Mike Pataki who originally voiced the character on Ren and Stimpy.

The writer and animator is seeking $110,000 in funds and is currently a third of the way there as of this writing with a little over $32,000 with 24 days to go.

[Source: Cans Without Labels Kickstarter]

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