I Don't Know About You Miss Kitty, But These Are The 9 Best Catwoman Stories Ever

Nine lives for a cat, so the nine best Catwoman stories ever, right? Okay, we were having a devil of a time figuring out the tenth one on this list - there are actually far too many great Catwoman stories for just a Top 10. So rather than go nuts, we narrowed it down to an uneven nine. Here’s our nine favorite Cat tails (sorry, tales) ever:

9. Nine Lives of a Feline Fatale

...And we’re starting off with a bit of cheat already, but this trade collects some of the best classic Catwoman stories, including her first ever appearance as “The Cat,” in Batman #1. If you want a primer in all things Catwoman, you can do worse than starting here. 

8. Heart of Hush

In this sequel to the best-selling Batman: Hush, Catwoman spends most of the page count offscreen, after the villainous Tommy Elliot literally removes her heart. However, the the beginning features a fantastic Paul Dini scripted fight, and the end (not to spoil it, but surprise, Catwoman lives) has some fantastic, classic Catwoman action involving Batman, a tropical island, and a load of cash.

7. The Catfile

Written by Chuck Dixon, Catwoman gets cat-napped by the government, and forced to travel around the world stealing for them. This is what a big budget Catwoman movie SHOULD have been, instead of whatever that Halle Berry nonsense was. 

6. Batman: The Long Halloween

Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s classic mystery isn’t just one of the best Batman stories of all time, it - and its sequel, Dark Victory - are great showcases for Catwoman, too, presenting a conflicted, deep look at a sometimes very shallow character. 

5. Trail of the Gun

Written by Ann Nocenti, with art by Ethan van Sciver, this book is not only a great team-up between Batman and Catwoman, it’s also a scathing diatribe on gun control. Nocenti excels at mixing serious issues in superhero comics, and this one is a stand-out. 

4. When in Rome

The sequel/spin-off to Loeb and Sale’s Long Halloween/Dark Victory might be quite a bit lighter than the previous two books, but When in Rome is a delightful romp focused squarely on Catwoman. Like Catwoman’s frequent depictions, this book is all pleasure - and as Selina would tell you herself, is there really anything so wrong about indulging every once in a while? 

3. The Autobiography of Bruce Wayne

Probably the most beloved classic tale of Catwoman and Batman, this alternate reality one shot shows what happens when they stop fighting, and start falling in love. Awww...

2. Selina’s Big Score

Scratch what we said earlier: THIS should have been the blueprint for a big screen Catwoman adventure. Gorgeous art by Darwyn Cooke, crack writing by Matt Holingsworth, and a story that takes Selina from being a straight criminal, to a criminal with a heart of gold. 

1. The Dark End of the Street

Speaking of Darwyn Cooke, in this book he revamped and revitalized Catwoman’s look for a whole new generation, creating an even more iconic costume than she had before. Add in Ed Brubaker’s pitch perfect channeling of noir and crime comics, and you have an instant classic. Be sure to check out pretty much every volume in Brubaker’s run on the title as well, though he did lose Cooke’s incredible panel layouts down the road. This book is what Catwoman was always meant to be.