Hurray For ThinkGeek: Three Geeky Items You'll Love

So sometimes on a rainy day when I need a little pick me up, I peruse through, because they have so much stuff that is so fun and always makes me feel like a kid again. This time around, I picked up three items that I wanted to share with you all. I grabbed my always willing designer Gusto to use as a model, ran around the hallways at MTV, getting strange looks and did a photo shoot! What do ya think???

First off, we have the Star Wars R2-D2 folding arm chair. I had Gus sit in this in the hallway while he picked up some chicks. I even think he went back with some digits, but don't quote me on that. We got several looks as we meandered through the hallways with this chair and one attempted mugging in the elevator! This chair is super comfy, comes with a easy carry bag and light enough to sling over your shoulder through a tough crowd, even in Times Square.  Here are the specs:

Folding camp chair featuring everyone's favorite droid

Made of sturdy nylon, suitable for indoor or outdoor use

Comes with a nylon shoulder bag for carrying and storage

ThinkGeek exclusive product - you won't find this anywhere else!

Fully licensed Lucasfilm collectible

One size fits most adults


Ok so YES I'm going through a HUGE Lego phase, so of course I found the Brix Calculator available in red or blue. It is always such a hard call between the two colors, just like in the Matrix. Anyway, I asked Gusto what he was adding up, he said "80,000 + 85." I thought about this for a minute, or two, or three, and then finally = 80085. If you do it on the calculator you'll see what it says more clearly, I'll let you figure that out...

Make math more magical with a cool calculator

Looks like its made from construction bricks

Press the studs to enter your numbers and commands

Be the envy of your math class

On sale now for $14.99

Last but not least, is the fabulous Star Wars Arcade tee shirt that Gusto is sporting in all these pix! I wanted to keep it for myself but I had to pay my model somehow...

Circa 1983, this tee will want to make you run to the nearest Arcade with a pocket full of quarters. Star Wars Arcade hand-screened on a black, 100% cotton t-shirt, $24.99.