Chris Roberson's MonkeyBrain Comics Adds Seven More Titles

Well now, Chris Roberson's brand spanking new MonkeyBrain Comics imprint, launching just a few short weeks earlier, isn't stopping with dominating Twitter, selling tons of copies on comiXology, and intense critical acclaim: as of today, they're launching another seven titles, starting with the comedy/fantasy Wander.

The other titles, before we get into it, are:

MASKS AND MOBSTERS, by Joshua William and Mike Henderson

INTERGALACTIC, by Joe Keatinge and Ken Garing

KONQUEROR, by Chris Schweitzer and Audrey Morris

ROUNDUP, edited by Chris Schweitzer

DREAMSEQUENCER: SPIRIT OF THE LAW, by Brandon Seifert and Michael Montenat

AWESOME ADVENTURES, by Chris Roberson and Thomas N. Perkins IV

All announced at the Pubs' SDCC panel, and online at their website. And as mentioned, Wander is already online, so the others are sure to follow soon, joining the already hit books, including Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover's delightful Bandette and others.

MonkeyBrain was nice enough to send us a review copy of Wander, which finds a slightly hipsterish New Yorker transported into a fantasy world right out of World of Warcraft. In fact, it's possible it might be a game that she's in, or something even weirder going on; though the focus is on the comedy and the monster fighting, there's an underlying mystery as to how our heroine got to Fantasy land in the first place. Like most of the MonkeyBrain titles the art is nice and clean, it reads well even on a smaller digital device like an iPhone, and provides a refreshing change from your run of the mill tights and fights books.

In fact, I'd argue that's the biggest thing MonkeyBrain has going for it right now... Like fellow digital hub Thrillbent, you get the promise of indie comics at a good price point, from reliable creators, with fun, not necessarily run of the mill ideas. If you don't like a book, that's fine, but you don't have to read 'em all to get the whole picture, and at $1.99 a story, we're happy to try something new.

Whether it works in the long run or not, with a large roster of titles completely creator owned, MonkeyBrain has proved in under a month that it's in it if not for the long haul, at least for the haul... And its a publisher we're more than happy to bookmark and keep checking out.

You can snag all of MonkeyBrain's title through the ComiXology App on your iPhone or Android device.

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