SDCC 2012: We Review The Exclusive Lt. Falcon G.I. Joe Figure From Sideshow Collectibles

At the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International, we saw an incredible amount of cool toys. Our brains were practically fried by Sunday afternoon as our feeble minds tried to process all that our eyes beheld. Lots and lots of those eye-gougingly awesome toys and statues were viewed during out walk through of the Sideshow Collectibles booth, and of course their wide range of 1/6th scale figures. While the new DC Comics-based line was the huge news, their G.I. Joe display didn't disappoint and we jumped at the chance to review their exclusive Lt. Falcon figure. Now that we're back from the madness of SDCC, it's time to plow into Falcon's review!

Read on to find out if this G.I. Joe exclusive is worthy of a place in the ranks of your collection, as we take him on a trek through the thick jungles and dangerous rivers of our local park!

The packaging for Falcon is a little different than that normally seen with Sideshow's G.I. Joe line. while the box features all of the familiar markings and designs, the magnetic flap opens to only one window panel. Normally, there is a second panel to the left of the figure that showcases the various weapons and accessories, but this time those have been inserted in plastic trays beneath the figure. This move manages to make the overall box smaller while still given plenty of room for a bio and the use of the classy magnetic closure. We understand the need to cut down on expensive packaging, but Mint-in-Box collectors will definitely miss not having the weapons out for show, but those opening this figure (as we highly recommend) shouldn't have any qualms.

While the inside flap on the front of the box details a realistic bio matching the real-life accuracy of the figure, the back of the box features a vintage-style filecard that sports the following bio more reminiscent of the classic A Real American Hero cartoon:

As a second-generation Green Beret, Lt. Falcon has the Special Forces in his blood. His boyhood was spent in emulating his father and preparing to be the toughest of the tough. Scaling mountains, parachuting from planes, rappelling down sheer cliffs and crawling through dense jungle is a walk in the park for Lt. Falcon. He can field strip, clean and reassemble most common military pistols, submachine guns and assault rifles in complete darkness and not wind up with leftover parts. His disciplined, focused nature and sharply honed combat skills came in handy when he faced the vicious, bat-winged Nemesis Immortal monster during the Battle of Cobra-La.

Cobra-La gets a mention. Hell yes!

The sculpt for Vincent R. Falcone stands out thanks to his head, neck, and forearm pieces. Both heads are pretty magnificent, and while people have compared it to Channing Tatum, they're obviously being blinded by the dark powers of Magic Mike cause anyone can see that the clean-shaven face is reminiscent of Prison Break's Wentworth Miller! However, you're not gonna be seeing too much of that one since the exclusive war-worn head just looks so much cooler when being posed for photos. The neck is also sculpted to match the look of the face and the forearms are more detailed than the usual 1/6th scale Sideshow body since he's sporting rolled-up sleeves on his uniform.

The paintwork on Falcon is very well done, especially when considering his faces. The lines and detail in the eyes in clean, while the shading and transition to his facial hair is subtle and looks right. Our only complaint with the paint is the lack of it on his forearms, thus having them not match up to the darker tan of his face. If he's been in combat long enough to get that tan, his arms would do the same if his sleeves were rolled up. It's not a huge difference, but one of those things that once we noticed it, we couldn't quit thinking about it.

Lt. Falcon's articulation is pretty extensive. It's very easy to pose him realistically when there is a dual ball-joint neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, double-hinged elbows, swivel forearms, swivel/hinge wrists, ball-joint upper torso, hinged stomach, ball-joint waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel upper thighs, swivel/double-hinged knees, swivel/hinge ankles. All of the joints on our figure work well, and are only as hindered by the clothing as anyone would be while wearing clothes.

Accessories for this figure are in smaller supply than some others in the G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero line, but still clock in at a respectable number. Plus he has an hatchet, and there are always bonus points for hatchets! Falcon comes equipped with a shotgun (w/ reflex site and light attached, but positionable/removable), .45 pistol, extra pistol magazine, molded drop leg holster, grenade, multiple shotgun shells, figure stand, flocked green beret, an extra head, drive-on rag, instruction and ties for rag, m.o.l.l.e. compatible h-harness w/ canteen, magazine pouches, and radio w/ pouch, a m.o.l.l.e. compatible backpack, multiple hands, and that dangerous-looking black hatchet. Our favorite part of the toy is that thanks to the usable backpack that we can pack with extra hands, this figure can carry all of his accessories on his person-- besides the extra head, anyway. The shotgun is his only primary weapon, and we wish there was an M-4 packed in as well; not just for an extra gun, but to also fill out the two pouches on the back of his harness with M-4 magazines. The shotgun itself is very well done, but could have benefited from having working mechanisms like a collapsible stock, or opening loading hatch for shells since the figure comes with so damn many.

The figure also comes equipped with a small baggie filled with tons of Velcro patches that can be added to his B.D.U. top. While these are a nice bonus to some, you won't see them in our photos. "Why's that?", you ask. Well, Special Forces would never want identifiable marks on their equipment in case of being killed or captured. now compound that by being part of a task force so secret your own government denies it's existence, and you've gotta scratch your head as to what kind of ridiculous blowhard would put the name of said secret organization on his sleeve for the world to see. Therefore, no patches! Of course, this is the beauty of customizable pieces like this and feel free to do what you want. It's cool. You have that freedom thanks, in no small part to our military-- and G.I. Joe.

While we wish Falcon came with another option weapon-wise, it's a nitpick that is more personal than anything, so it looks like the Green Beret comes through this review with flying colors-- his mettle tested, and his clothes soaked. The price of Sideshow's G.I. Joe line may put off some, but for high-end collectors, we definitely recommend adding this Joe to your collections! For more on their G.I. Joe 1/6th scale figures, plus all their other lines of collectibles and statues, be sure to check out Sideshow Collectibles official website! Now you know, and knowing is half the... something or other.

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