SDCC 2012: Linkin Park and Hasbro Remix Transformers G1 Soundwave

During the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International, Hasbro showed off a number of new Transformers product from its numerous toy lines based on the warring factions of mechanized warriors. One piece in particular drew our attention, and after a frantic hunt for the key to the display case, we were given the chance to photograph the prototype packaging and figure for the Linkin Park Edition of Soundwave! The Decepticon spy/boombox is a reproduction of his vintage Generation One version and even includes his transforming lackeys Laserbeak and Ravage.

Read on for more photos of the Linkin Park Soundwave from the show floor!


Details about pricing and availability are currently unavailable, but we'll let you know a soon as there is an update. For more on Hasbro and their tons of Transformers product, be sure to check out their official website!

Click on this photo to see our massive toy-centric flipbook from SDCC 2012!

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