SDCC 2012: Robert Downey Jr. Meets An Army of Tiny Iron Men and Women In This Costume Contest (Video)

It's all the teeny tiny little goatees that are the best part of this San Diego Comic-Con costume contest for the best Iron Man costume.

Catch the video after the jump.

Downey hung out with the kids at the Marvel booth on the show floor over the weekend, officiating the contest and generally doing the impossibly handsome and charming thing. For their part, the kids seemed to love it, showing off a variety of costumes in honor of ol' shellhead.

Now if you're the kind of cold, unfeeling monster who doesn't enjoy a bunch of kids in costume excited to hang out with one of the world's biggest stars, there's always the glimpse of the new Iron Man armor that's coming to next year's Shane Black-directed sequel.

Check it out:

Marvel and Paramount unveiled some new footage from the 2013 release which features Sir Ben Kingsley in the role of the Mandarin will be serving as a conclusion of sorts to the three-movie arc. Right now most of the principal actors in the cast are only signed on through Iron Man 3, so if Disney/Marvel/Paramount want to stay in the Robert Downey Jr. business, it's probably going to involve piles and piles of money.

Iron Man 3 is set to debut May 3, 2013.

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