SDCC 2012: Matt Smith Wants Edgar Wright To Direct 'Doctor Who'

Though the Ponds may be moving on, the Doctor is staying the same - and thankfully, because Matt Smith is as much the Timelord on screen as he is in real life (minus the two hearts and immortality, of course). We chatted with the charming actor before he hit the big stage in Hall H at San Diego Comic-Con about the upcoming season, and more.

But first, we talked a bit about his experiences at Comic-Con, and kicked it off with the cast’s impromptu musical performance at a panel the night before. “We did it on a rickshaw, so I came up with the stupid idea to do it in front of people,” said Smith. “You want to make it a unique experience... To sing Bohemian Rhapsody, badly, is what we came up with.”

And speaking of unique experiences, that same day Smith had taken over the BBC America twitter feed, and tweeted for the first time. “One day only! I won’t be joining, maybe next year, when I come back, for two days!” said Smith. “What’s great is that you can interact with the fans. But I kind of think, A, who cares what I’m doing, and B... Why am I looking at my phone. I spend enough time looking at my phone, I should be looking up, and looking out at the world. There’s that terrible moment at concerts now, where people are doing this. [he mimes holding up a phone] But you’re missing the experience! Watch it, and it will be... There. In your head. Forever.”

Seriously, could this guy be anymore the Doctor?

Moving on, Smith mentioned the Tumblr meet-up, and particularly the “incredible noise when we walked in.” Continuing, he said, “I think if the world was a little more like Comic-Con, it would be a better place. There’s no cynicism. Whether you’re Peter Jackson, Bryan Cranston, or a guy who’s dressing up, you’ll get to bump into your hero here at some stage.”

Naturally, we followed that up by asking which hero he bumped into, or was hoping to bump into at the Con. He noted that he missed Bryan Cranston, but he did meet Peter Jackson: “He came up to me last night, and said, hey, I like Doctor Who! I was like, oh my god... I’m going to explode.”

He also mentioned meeting Edgar Wright, so we had to ask whether he would jockey for a part in Ant-Man, to which Smith said, “Yeah! I’d want to do anything with Edgar, he’s wonderful. I want him to do Doctor Who. We’ll never get him, but he’s perfect, I think he’s one of the most exciting film-makers out there. Scott Pilgrim was just brilliant.”

So there you go, start your letter writing campaign now, folks.

Before we let him go, he talked a bit about the new Companion - dodging questions ably, but noting that while saying goodbye to the Ponds was sad, "There'll be a Doctor after me who will be brilliant, and it will be brilliant. There will be Companions... It will just keep going. The show is the star. You've got to put your own feelings to one side... We welcome, and embrace Jenna, who will be brilliant."

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