SDCC 2012: The 'Being Human' Panel: A Ghost, a Werewolf, and a Vampire at Comic-Con

The supernatural horror comedy series from SyFy hits SDCC with cast members Sam Huntington, Meaghan Rath, and Sam Witwer and showrunner Anna Fricke.

"Blood is thicker" is the slogan for the upcoming third season of Being Human, with writer/producer Anna Fricke taking over showrunning duties after her husband Jeremy Carver made the move to Supernatural. Thicker than what, it's not clear, but Fricke will be shepherding the next 13 episodes of the adaptation of the UK series, and during the panel she added that this season will in part revolve around characters needing to be careful what they wish for.

Huntington then talked about his character Josh's romantic woes on the show--things don't go so well for his werewolf character in season two. But his relationship with the character Nora might have some growth and development in season three (in what sounds like a pretty close parallel to the similar storyline in its UK counterpart).

Josh tries to "fix" things around him after turning the love of his life into a werewolf, and it sounds like the challenge of the next season will be the character attempting to overcome his type A nature.

Talking about her character Sally's dark turn this season, Rath says she appreciated the chance to go there with her normally happy-go-lucky ghost character, who ended up with a little bit of blood on her hands before the year was out. Rath says her character is constantly placed in these ethical situations where she's on the edge of good and evil.

Witwer's character Aiden ended last season trapped in a coffin. Season three will of course see him get free, obviously, but Witwer says the character has lost a bit of his charm and isn't firing on all cylinders after his imprisonment (which Fricke confirmed lasted about 15 months).

For Witwer, the challenge with his character is keeping the character human and relatable. "The thing that attracted me to the role to begin with is that Aiden was a man trying to conquer drug addiction and it continues to be that," according to the actor. He joked that in the next season we'd see his character rocking a keytar in sequences set during the 80's.

Xander Berkley (24, Terminator 2) will be joining the cast as the father of the twin purebred werewolves. Mark Pellegrino will be returning as Bishop in some form or another in season three.

Being Human airs Mondays at 8 on SyFy.

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