SDCC 2012: The Vertigo Panel Announces New SANDMAN, Possibly Some Other Stuff

If there's a sound of someone winning San Diego Comic-Con, it could probably have been heard at Vertigo Comics panel, where the publisher shocked the audience with the announcement of a brand new Sandman mini-series by writer Neil Gaiman, and artist J.H. Williams, III. Oh, and some other stuff happened, we guess, so here's the full recap.

On the mega-sized were Vertigo Editor Karen Berger, writer/artists Jeff Lemire and Mike Allred, artists Rafael Albequerque, Dustin Nguyen, and Mark Buckingham, writers Dan Abnett, Bill Willingham, and Scott Snyder, and Editors Shelly Bond and Will Cunningham. Berger kicked things off by talking about American Vampire - and as mentioned by writer Scott Snyder earlier on in the day, this is the halfway point of the series, with some big changes coming up.

Albequerque talked briefly about his artistic approach to the the title, saying he likes to play with the darkness in the images. Then Nguyen said about the spin-off American Vampire: Lord of Nightmares, “I’m not the best artist, but I try to play with the atmosphere.”

Then talk turned to The Unwritten, with Mike Carey talking about how the book will be jumping back and forth in time, filling in the missing year since the timeline jumped forward a few issues ago. Then the panel chatted about Punk Rock Jesus, which got only a little love from the audience, but Berger noted that for a brief moment the title from Sean Murphy was trending higher than San Diego Comic-Con yesterday on Twitter.

Moving to Fables, Buckingham professed love to most of the Cubs - the children of Snow White and Bigby Wolf in the series - and was teased by Berger that he “fancied” them. “I’m married... To Rose Red!” joked Buckingham. Willingham also plugged a new spin-off called “Fables: Wolves of the Heartland,” which the writer said would be “epic.” A piece of interior art seemed to show a werewolf fighting a Frankenstein’s Monster, so we’re on board.

Next up was Dan Abnett’s New Deadwardians, which he commented that, “It wasn’t my intention to do a story about zombies or vampires, but the word Deadwardians sprung into my head, and I thought, what can I do with that? I think I like puns too much.”

Then Berger showed off a triptych, the almost last three covers of Jeff Lemire’s Sweet Tooth (there’s one final issue we haven’t seen yet). “When I get my stories, I always get the ending first, and this is going to be fulfilling the story I’ve been working on for three years. And I promise, it’s not a sad ending,” said Lemire. Berger noted that they’re already talking to Lemire about a new series once Sweet Tooth is over.

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