SDCC 2012: Marvel Legends Series 3 Makes Their First Full Appearance At The Hasbro Booth


On San Diego Comic-Con 2012's Preview Night, we had a number of stops that were on the top of our list. Naturally, the thought of seeing new Marvel Legends had us making a bee line for the Hasbro booth as soon as we made it inside the convention center! Waiting for us, protected by a glass case, was the entire line up for Series 3 (Wave 1 of '13), including the variants. What wasn't waiting for us? A new Build-A-Figure. The figures in Series 3 are packaged instead with the hexagonal figure stands like we've seen in the Wal-Mart exclusive "The Avengers" 6 inch line. While those stands are admittedly quite awesome, when it comes to displaying your figures, they are in no way a good enough substitute for a BAF! Dwight Stall, the-man-with-the-plan when it comes to Hasbro's Marvel Legends, told us that while the Build-A-Figure concept isn't dead, they have something else fun planned for 2013.

Obviously, this new addition wasn't packaged with the figures, so perhaps a mail-away figure? Only time will tell-- and by "time", we mean "when they tell us on Saturday at the Hasbro Marvel panel." Read on for a look at all of the Marvel Legends Series 3 figures, including the red Deadpool variant!

Ultimate Captain America

A new version of Cap was definitely unexpected since Steve Rogers and Bucky Cap were released in Series 1 and 2, respectively. However, this Ultimate Captain America figure looks incredibly badass, so we're not complaining!

U.S. Agent

Is he a variant of the ultimate Captain America figure, or is Cap a variant of U.S. Agent? We don't know, and we don't care since both characters manage to look completely different from one another. U.S. Agent has his trademark scowl-- cause you can't smile if you're an anti-hero!

Iron Fist

Danny Rand is sporting his current white and gold costume from New Avengers, and is a step up from the old Toy Biz M.L. version even if he is wearing Psylocke's sash. Still, he would benefit from a flaming hand attachment.

Red She-Hulk

Betty Ross' redder half makes her Marvel Legends debut with an appropriately massive figure. She stands taller than everyone else in the wave and comes packaged with a huge sword.

The Protector

Yeah, this guy is in the wave. He looks to be sporting the same buck body and weaponry as Series 2's Fantomex, but sees a nice new head sculpt and belt addition.

The Sentry

The most bat-s**t crazy superhero, this side of Moon Knight makes a return to the Marvel Legends line. His first figure appeared both clean-shaven and bearded way back in Toy Biz' Giant Man wave, but this time manages to be bulked up and sports the long flowing locks he had before being killed during Siege.

Marvel Knights The Punisher

Well, look what we have here: Frank Castle with a ton of weapons! Best Marvel Legends Punisher ever? Looks like it just might be...

Marvel Knights Blade

Blade is the variant of the Punisher figure, but has enough other pieces, including that great head sculpt, to set him apart even when standing side-by-side.

X-Force Deadpool

While this figure is pretty much just a repaint of the version of Wade released in the earlier two-pack with Warpath, this time he's sporting the gray and blackattack of his Uncanny X-Force uniform. Thanks to his quick release, and the SDCC-exclusive 3 pack, our uncanny X-Force team is pretty much complete.

Deadpool Regular Costume Variant

For all those people not wanting to pay ridiculous ebay prices for the two-pack version, this is pretty much the exact same figure with Deadpool wearing his classic red and black uniform.

Dr. Doom

A nice update to one of the first Marvel Legends produced by Toy Biz, Victor Von Doom comes with a pistol that can be stored in his hip holster... cause he needs to use a gun, what with all the high tech gadgetry and magic.

Dr. Doom F.F. Variant

Doom briefly sported this look while appearing in Marvel's F.F. comic. That is, until he was left for dead in a fight against the Celestials in the Negative Zone.-- luckily he happened to have the Infinity Guantlet.


This sculpt for Warren was first seen in the SDCC 2012-exclusive Uncanny X-Force 3-Pack, but the classic blue and pink costume will first appear in M.L. 3.

Danni Moonstar

This veteran member of the New Mutants comes equipped with both a spear and a bow, and is the first member of the team to make it into the current Marvel Legends series? Is she just the first of many, hopefully we'll find out soon!


The blue-hued shape-shifting assassin gets a figure based on her look in her last mini-series. Why we prefer the white dress look she sported in the past, this one makes for a much more practical set of clothes for sniping unsuspecting victims with one of her included weapons.

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