SDCC 2012: Breakfast At The Cryptozoic Store? We're Game

I’m sitting in the Cryptozoic Store at SDCC 2012 before hours, sipping coffee and listening to the designer of the company's brand new DC Comics based card game, and I hear Yvette from Game of Thrones whispering in my ear: “You know nothing, Alex Zalben.”

One of the joys of Comic-Con is that there’s something for every single section of fandom. Like Cosplay? There’s a LOT of Cosplay. Love video games? You can preview the latest and greatest. Movie fan? Go home, you can’t get into Hall H. And one of the more unique fandoms is, of course, tabletop gaming. From card games, to board games, and beyond, there’s a ton of excellent geeky properties to play, and it seems like most of the best games are made by Cryptozoic.

Recent releases include a gorgeous Locke & Key card game, a board game based on Walking Dead, and even a few games based on Penny Arcade. Oh, and the aforementioned Justice League game, of course, which is replete with tons of characters, immersive gameplay, and according to the designer is, “insanely addictive.”

Here’s the problem, though: I’m not a gamer. Matt Morgan is our excellent game writer, but he’s not here, and so I entered the Cryptozoic Store as a total newbie. I’m not going to lie and say I left a hardcore gamer... But I did leave with a vast appreciation of the breadth the form. And in particular, Cryptozoic’s devotion to games for both hardcore, and casual tabletop gamers, as well as some exciting licenses.

Oh, and good coffee.

For those of you not at Comic-Con, here’s some pictures of what’s available at the Store, and thanks to Crytopzoic for having us by, and the tiny quiches on toothpicks!