SDCC 2012: MTV Geek's Comic Con LIVE Host Steven Smith's First Column!

MTV Geek is pleased to present you our Comic Con LIVE host Steven Smith's first column, "I Love It Here". You can catch Steven at our San Diego Comic Con livestream, Thursday through Sunday.

Hi everyone and welcome to my very first column for MTV Geek. I am beyond psyched to be your host for all things Geek. You’ll see my mug at all your favorite nerd events talking with the creators and stars of all you enjoy. Plus each and every week you’ll find me right here, tackling some, new, fun, gorgeous geeky topics as well interviews, video clips, embloggery and what have you. Now, I’m sure you’re asking, “Who the hell is this guy and what are his credentials? Papers please,” that sort of thing. And you’d be right to do so. Some of you may know me, while others are getting their first taste.My name is Steven Smith. I’ve been on TV a bit, done some writing hither and yon, even danced a jig or too, and you may know me as a music guy, which I am but -- my first love has always been comics. When I was a kid I was lucky enough to have parents who lived by the rule, “As long as he’s reading…” motto so comics were my gateway to geekdom. My father, a closet nerd himself, gave me his copies of the Hobbit and the Lord of Rings trilogy and my fate was sealed. It was sealed long before, as my very first memory is watching Adam West as Batman fight Mr. Freeze. To this day Batman is my jam, much like many of you. And like you, I’m a fan first. Here goes:

I was into McFarlane when he drew Infinity, Inc., bought each issue of Bendis’ AKA Goldfish off the rack – same with Watchmen and V for Vendetta. I’ve read everything by Neil Gaiman (sans Duran Duran) and my all time fav, Warren Ellis. I’m into Ennis but too much of a wuss to tackle Crossed, and Alan Moore has gotten crazier and I love it. My favorite film of all time is The Empire Strikes Back. George Lucas is a better producer than director and Kevin Smith is a better writer than one, though I’ve still seen everything they’ve ever made. For me, the Chronicles of Pyrdain lord over Narnia and though the finale sewed everything up a bit too sweetly, I think Korra will be just as strong as the Last Airbender. I like Coop poster art, Pushead Be@rbricks, and even own an original Alex Ross (Batman, of course.) I worship at the altar of Pixar, like Tom and Jerry more than Bugs Bunny, and think Pinky and the Brain hold the secrets to a new world order. Next Generation sits better with me than the original and I really think there are too many zombies and vampires out there and not enough cyborgs and dragons. Lost was a great TV show until it wasn’t and Battlestar lived up to every bit of the hype while Caprica wasn’t given chance. I like interviewing people (more like conversations really), long walks in the park and dislike war. And I have never been to San Diego Comic Con.

I know, right? Seriously Steven, you run down this mad CV and expect us to believe you’ve never been to SDCC? Do not shun me! That was hard to say -- to write, even. Do you know how long I’ve wanted to go? Do you?! Like, forever and stuff – truth. San Diego Comic Con is my Mecca, my El Dorado, my Cave of Wonders and this year I’m there. And. It’s. Going. To. ROCK.  (All Caps implies seriousness.)

Now, I’m no con virgin. I’ve been to New York Comic Con, Big Apple Con way back but San Diego is the big kahuna burger and I’m going to need more than just Sprite to wash it down. This is going to take courage, fortitude, and an all-access badge. Fortunately for me, I’m with MTV and they have some pull. And you won’t believe what MTV Geek has in store for you. We are ready to rule.

I can’t say I’m not nervous. I also can’t say the word moist. But I can say I’m psyched to be going. Why? Aside from the myriad of comic celebrities to meet, there are the panels. OH the panels. For the first time in my life I’ll be able to sit and watch one, as opposed to a shaky YouTube clip showing Jeff Bridges bald head.

Yeah, I could go through the list of folks I want to see and meet. So I will:

I aim to misbehave with the cast of Firefly

Practice my water bending with the Legend of Korra

Rep Jersey with Kevin Smith and the Comic Book Men

Burgle some things with the Hobbit

Let Robots and Monsters be the ball in Pacific Rim

Get back to Rhode Island with Seth McFarlane

Take out the Light with Young Justice and the rest of DC Nation

Turn OFF the lights with Revolution

Get on the Grid with Tron

RSVP to the Red Wedding with Game of Thrones

And finally have a stiff drink with Sterling Archer. And shoot an assault rifle.

Can. You. Dig. IT?!!!! Damn right you can. There is so much awesome going to happen at SDCC and we shall bring it right to your faces. And remember well my droogs, this is only the beginning for me on the Geek. Follow my ramblings, harken to my opinions, and revel in the knowledge that one of you is on the inside. Geek Represent!

Steven Smith says comics not graphic novels, cartoons not animation, and likes music with bad singers. He’s been on TV a few times, hosted a couple of music video shows, and has a weekly podcast called Going Off Track. You can (and should) follow him on the twitter @stevensmithsays .

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