SDCC 2012: DC's New 52 Panel Turns It All The Way Up To #0

If it’s Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, it must be time for DC’s New 52 panel! Well, this year anyway, as editors Bob Harras and Bobbie Chase, and creators David Finch, Adam Glass, Dan Jurgens, Jimmy Palmiotti, Gail Simone, Rob Liefeld, Scott Lobdell, and Scott Snyder hit the stage to talk about all of DC’s upcoming books.

First book up was Simone’s Batgirl #0, which focuses on the surprising origin of Batgirl in the New 52. Then, Batman #0, which Snyder said presents a very different take on Batman - as well as teases for what’s coming up in the next year.The next thing Snyder plugged was Swamp Thing #0, and also teased that in the upcoming Rotworld crossover you’ll get to see, “horrible, dead versions of your favorite characters.”

Liefeld then chatted about his books, which will start to tie together in an upcoming Hawkman event featuring Red Hood, Deathstroke, and more. Dan Jurgens, the new writer/artist of Firestorm told the crowd that he’ll return the book to basics, as Firestorm is one guy instead of two. Over in Superboy, writer Scott Lobdell teased we’ll get to see Superboy get a tattoo, and Bunker gets a little pink brick tattoo. Meanwhile, in Teen Titans, Bunker’s boyfriend will wake up from a coma to find his man is a superhero.

Moving over to Adam Glass, Suicide Squad #0 will focus on the history of Amanda Waller. Then, Geoff Johns hopped on stage, to applause from the audience. He talked a bit more about Shazam in Justice League #0, which he called, “Little Rascals with superpowers.”

Then it was time for questions! Here’s some highlights:

Asked about members of the Justice League who didn’t make the cut, Johns said, “Martian Manhunter was a major omission, and actually he was a part of the time early on, and it went very, very badly. We’ll learn more about that in January.” Johns also mentioned that Shazam and Cyborg will be friends when he joins the team. “They love throwing cars in the air and blowing them up,” said the writer. He added that they can’t high five, because the first time they do, Shazam short circuits Cyborg’s arm. For the question, the fan who asked was given a copy of Justice League Vol. 1, with a Jim Lee drawing of Batman inside the cover.

The next question, from the infamous Batgirl of San Diego, was whether Stephanie Brown was being replaced by Barbara Gordon in the Smallville comic book. Unfortunately, the panel declined to answer, because they don’t do digital.

Next, somebody asked who the creators were looking forward to that we haven’t seen yet. Johns said he’s looking forward to Metal Men; and Snyder said The Riddler, both to, “ooo”s from the audience.

Asked about whether Barbara could be Oracle again, Simone said that the ending of Batgirl #13 will sort of answer that question in a shocker ending. Also mentioned was that with The Joker versus Batgirl, “Shooting her was just the start.”

Asked about the Darkseid who attacked in Justice League, and in Earth 2, Johns said, “It’s the same Darkseid... There’s only one Darkseid.”

The next question was about an Easter Egg in Justice League #9, where the letter Thomas Wayne gave the Flash for his son in the last issue of Flashpoint was in the back-cave... But according to Johns, given the continuity reboot, Batman doesn’t know where he got the paper.

And that was it for this one! We’ll see you back here for more Comic-Con.