SDCC 2012: COMMUNITY Panel Manages Not To Britta Up San Diego

Friday morning of SDCC 2012 opened up in Ballroom 20 with a packed to capacity crowd excited to see... Well, the Firefly panel later on that day. But before that, there was the equally anticipated Community Panel*. With creator Dan Harmon leaving the show, and new showrunners on board, there were a lot of questions about what’s coming up for the residents of Greendale. Luckily, we got the answers for you, live.

First though, the panel kicked up with a mega-mix music video announcing that the show is moving to Friday, to the tune of Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night**,” and mixing tons of footage from the last season. Did the audience laugh and cheer? Pop pop! And I don’t know if this has been announced before, but the show is premiering on October 19th on NBC. Then, enter the cast and new producers to massive cheers... And the first question was whether the newbies would destroy the show:

“The only thing we care about is keeping it the weird gem it always was,” said Moses Port. “It’s all good.” Lauding the fans for keeping the show going, Joel McHale joked that, “If we do get cancelled after 13 episodes, I blame you.”

Then it was on to talking about other aspects of the show, with McHale teasing that the Germans from the foosball episode would be coming back, and Jeff’s Dad will show up. “I can tell you who it is now,” said McHale to cheers from the audience. “It’s Eddie Murphy. Pluto Nash himself!” He was joking, by the way.

From there, talk turned to various aspects of the cast, including why Shirley always carries her purse. “I’m from the inner city of Cleveland, you don’t leave your purse,” joked Yvette Nicole Brown. Next up was Jeff Winger’s constant texting, to which McHale quipped, “I’m composing texts, I don’t think he’s texting...” Though he then relented and said he was probably texting his hairdresser.

Then there was a break for a few of the cast’s favorite clips from Season three (because hey, there’s a DVD coming out did you know?). The biggest cheers were probably left for scenes from the 8-bit episode, interestingly, though we’re partial to Allison Brie’s “Boop Be Doop Sex!” song from the musical episode. They also revealed the official hashtag was #PopPopComicCon, so go to your tweeters, friends.

After that, talk turned to the Law & Order episode, with writer Megan Ganz saying that, "The most important part was getting Dick Wolf's blessing on the 'chung chung.'" The cast then joked about where they could go next, with the consensus being Law & Order: SVU. "That's what they want, sex crimes," quipped McHale.

Then it was back to the new producers, with David Guarascio saying, "We came into it first as fans. Like no other show, the fans influence what happens on screen." Added Port, "We're walking into a situation where it's the best cast on television. Even if we came in on auto-pilot... What I mean is, we're not going to screw it up."

"It is their Senior year... It's an emotional time for people, and we'll play with some relationships... Like The Dean and Jeff," said Guarascio. We'll also get to see Pierce's "disturbing" mansion, visit an Inspector Spacetime Convention, and have some animated bits in the first episode. Asked whether the characters will graduate this season, McHale shot back, "Yeah, because there's a lot of people you know who have graduated from Community College." Port added that even if people graduate, the Study Group is a nice tight unit, so they will stay together.

Then they showed off the Gag Reel from the DVD, including Annie freestyling a rap about a werewolf, getting frisky with Abed, and screwing up lines. Because let's be honest: more Annie is what the fans want. When prompted to rap, Brie declined, so Pudi and McHale broke into the rap from the Christmas episode, ending with McHale saying, "That's right, mother*kers!" He then read a note on the back of his card, saying, "This says be careful of language, there may be people under eighteen... But I'm pretty sure a lot of people under eighteen have heard the phrase mother*kers," to cheers from the audience.

After Gillian Jacobs lauded the fans, they showed off a video focusing on the fandom of the show, including interviews, news footage, and more. After that, talk turned to the "sparks" between Britta and Troy, with Jacobs stating that she doesn't think it should turn into a relationship show. "I just turn up and do the huggin'," said Jacobs, to which Port said, "Those sparks may turn into a fire." A little bit of editorializing? Seems like the new show runners may have a different view on the show after all. Op Ed over!

Then it was time for audience questions, with an audience member saying to Jacobs that when she wears glasses as a Psychology student, "When I see you, my heart beats," and Jacobs quipping back, "Now I know what a heartbeat feels like," to huge cheers from the audience.

Next question was, if this is the last season, where would their characters go. Jacobs said, "Halfway house." Pudi said, "Probably work at the AV department at Greendale." Brie said Annie should hop over to Children's Hospital on Adult Swim. McHale said "Armani Exchange," with Brown saying that she'd keep working at the sandwich shop.

Then there was a lot of talk about Inspector Spacetime. The most interesting bit, that the villains in the show in a show were called Blorgons, but fans thought they were Blogons when writing about it the next day. So the writers added a line into the Dreamatorium episode that Blogon means thank you in Blorgon, according to Ganz.

And that was it! We’ll see you back here for more SDCC, on MTV Geek!

*Also, Bones, which we in the biz like to call a “room-clearer.”

**I think... I'm not up on the hip music you kids listen to.