Review: Mezco Toyz' Earthworm Jim Figure Brings a Little Cow-Flinging Class To Your Collection!

As we prepare for our journey to the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con in order to see the future of pop culture, a box was delivered to us that flooded our minds with memories of the distant 1990s. Mezco Toyz has released an all new 6" figure based on everyone's favorite worm-based hero (with the exception of Wyrm from vintage TMNT, of course): Earthworm Jim! Like all of Mezco's toy offerings (including their SDCC offerings), he has a certain amount of cool-factor that makes him a great addition to our shelves. Read on for a full review of Jim!

Jim comes packaged in a basic blister package with a cardboard backing. The card features the familiar Earthworm Jim logo and a nice piece of painted artwork of the worm propped up against his rocket. he stands on an asteroid that continues down the package, giving the figure a nice background to stand out against. The front of his blister has a sticker listing the contents of the figure and does a good job of not obscuring the figure inside. The back of the package features a full-size image of the Earthworm Jim figure, along with a brief bio.

Speaking of the bio, here it is:

Spending his days eating dirt and tunneling through the earth, Jim was a very ordinary worm. When one day, BAM! An ultra-high-tech-indestructible-super-space-cyber-suit falls on him and he's cast into the throes of super-heroism. Jim was mutated into the ultra highly intelligent (for a worm) crusader that we know today. Traveling through the galaxy launching cows and battling malevolent goldfish make up a normal day in Jim's life... Dang.

The sculpt for this figure comes straight from the video games on which it's based and is quite possibly the best sculpt we've seen out of Mezco Toyz to date. (Besides the Hellboy figures, cause those are f'n masterpieces!) The tight sculpting and thinness of his head and legs really add to his look and make him accurate. Nice touches of detail, like the wrinkles on his backpack and the wrinkles on his head are spot-on and help show this isn't just a simplistic sculpt. However, it is a very pre-posed sculpt and we'll get into that in another section.

Surprisingly, this figure has been painted from head to toe, even though Mezco could have opted to cheap out by molding the base body in white. The paint is pretty well done overall, with only some white overflow on the straps and some skin color spilling over onto the top of the left eye to speak of in the way of paint slop. Some light airbrushing has been added to the all white suit to give it some depth and help bring out the detailing, while the yellow and blue of the gloves and collar have a clean gloss finish.

Articulation is light on this figure and consists of a ball-jointed neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, hinged elbows, swivel forearms, and a swivel waist. Below the waist, Jim is but a statue-- forever locked in place. This is really our biggest, and only, complaint on this figure since we're such suckers for articulation. His head sculpt is spot on, but the extreme direction his eyes are looking also keep the head from looking quite right when posed in many directions. Still, what articulation is present works well and manages to hold the positions with no trouble.

Jim comes packaged with his plasma blaster and his own naked self. His blaster is painted a glossy red and fits his hand perfectly. The figure of Jim in all his earthworm glory has another great facial sculpt (one that we actually wish was used on the cyber suit body) and the rest of the tapered body is bendable and holds it's shape very well. The paintwork on the worm matches the figure very well, which is no small feat considering the different types of materials used in the construction of both.

Overall, this is a nice figure that'll look great on your desk or shelf next to other video game figures and/or worm farms. Look, we know some of you have worm farms, but it's cool-- we're not judging your preoccupation with them. Do we wish the figure moved more? Of course, but we'd also prefer him to look this good over having to be bulked up in order to support more joints. The Earthworm Jim figure is hitting retailers as you read this, and more info can be found on Mezco Toyz official website!

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