SDCC 2012: Skottie Young Preps For Adorable War With 'A-Babies vs. X-Babies'

Are you ready for the cutest little epic event in Marvel Comics' history? As announced at SDCC 2012, Skottie Young is, as the multi-talented creator will be writing a new one-shot for the Publisher called A-Babies vs. X-Babies #1, riffing on Avengers vs. X-Men... But you know, with babies:

MTV Geek: First and most important question, Skottie… What are you going to do for a cover, now that you’ve already done the most awesome one possible for AvX #1???

Skottie Young: Well, that was a tough one. The answer is… I just drew a bunch of sweet babies again! Not sure if i'll be able to top that one but I'm going to keep trying!

Geek: But seriously, that was clearly an extremely popular cover – so what came first, the cover chicken, or the actual comic egg? I guess that wasn’t that serious.

SY: Well, the X-Babies have been around for a long time. I think Art Adams was the first to draw them. If I'm wrong, you can take my Comic Club card away. A few years back they were doing an X-Baby mini series and asked me to do the covers for the series. i've been know to draw both cute and humorous stuff over the years so I fit in that job like a glove. Then Midtown Comics worked with Marvel for an AvX variant and bam, I'm was back on the babies.

I'm not sure who suggested a baby version cover, Midtown or Marvel but I think we all won on that one. :P I was really shocked that it caught on so fast, and big. I randomly dropped the idea that I should write a one-shot and here we are, making baby magic happen. Except not like that, you know, making babies and stuff. Just writing and drawing a story about babies. 

Geek: What’s the story here? Is it direct parody of the event, or is it just starting with X-Babies and A-Babies, and letting things go nuts from there?

SY: It's a bit a both. Probably more the latter. I don't want to just mimic what all guys on AvX have been doing so I'm using the that event as a spring board and going off on my own. It's going to be very, very deep. 

Geek: On a similar bent, when we’ve seen the X-Babies before, they’ve usually had some sort of tie-in with Mojo – is that the same deal here, or is this an isolated book?

SY: This is isolated. It's a one shot and I didn't want to waste any time setting up a logical reason why Baby Wolverine has sideburns and hairy arms. It's Wolverine. He looks like a baby. He has burns and hairy arms. That is… SO CUTE! That's it. Tom Brennan asked me why a character did a certain thing in the script. I simply replied with email laughter and said "They're babies and it's awesome. Give me the green light." He did. :)

Geek: It seems like Gurihiru and you have very complementary styles – what are you looking forward to what they bring on the book, and how has it been writing for them – versus your other collaborators?

SY: Anytime I get to write for artists with a strong understanding of movement and energy, I just get excited. There's a real feel for youthful fun in Gurihiru's style and that's just a blast to write for. Artists are actors and you have to cast the right one for the tone of the script. Clay Mann destroyed on our Magneto mini series this past year because he fit the tone I was writing. Here, we're going for fun, humor, exciting action and movement. This is Gurihiru's specialty. I'm thrilled to see what we produce. 

Geek: Important question: just how adorable is this going to get? And will this comic come with an insulin injection variant?

SY: It's going to be like the Mt. Dew of Adorable. So sweet you're teeth will rot out on the last page and you'll develop Type 302 Diabetes. Baby Cap has a LOWER CASE A on his head. LOWER CASE. LOWER. CASE. That's, just… you get it.

Geek: Is there a Hope baby in this? And if so, is she basically just a fetus with a torn cape?

SY: I'm not spoiling any of that yet. You'll just have to wait. 

Geek: To leave us with, what’s something you can’t wait for fans to see in the book?

SY: I'm excited for them to see the Baby Hulk scene. It's going to be SMASHING. hahahahahahahaha. Pun.

A-BABIES VS. X-BABIES #1 hits comic book shops later this year from Marvel!