They Might Be Giants Needs Your Help For 'The Alphabet of Nations'

Do you live in one of these countries?

Afghanistan, Algeria, Australia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Belgium, Brunei, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Chad, China, Denmark, Dominica, Egypt, Ecuador, Fiji, France, the Gambia, Guatemala, Hungary, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Libya, Mongolia, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Russia, Suriname, Turkey, Uruguay, Vietnam, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

If so, the kings of geek rock They Might Be Giants are making a new music video for their all-ages hit "The Alphabet of Nations" from the deluxe edition of their children's album NO! and they need YOUR PHOTOS!

Here's what TMBG has to say in an email message:

We are requesting THREE PHOTOS!

A PORTRAIT OF YOUR FACE It's all about your face (or your child's or friend's face) with a BIG SMILE. Native garb always welcome!

A PHOTO OF YOU AND YOUR FLAG A small (or big) FLAG of your nation squarely in front of you (or your child or friend)!

A PHOTO EXPRESSING YOUR CULTURE A pic of traditional clothing, craft or crop, maybe with someone pointing to your country on a map. It should celebrate your culture!


A photo of you (or your child or friend) jumping, in a karate pose, piggyback riding, making a peace symbol, or somehow celebrating YOURSELF!

IF YOU ARE FROM A COUNTRY NOT ON THE LIST but still want to participate please post a photo with the NAME of your country clearly in it! Wherever you post, make sure to include the name of your country!

If you fit the bill you can post your pics to @tmbg on Twitter with the hastag #TMBGnation or submit to TMBG's Tumblr at

The deadline for submissions is July 10! So act fast!

Check out a preview right here!