10 Things To Do Outside of San Diego Comic-Con

At some point, you're going to get tired of the non-stop panels, signings, and grind of the Con floor, and want to escape San Diego Comic-Con for something quieter, calmer, and... Who are we kidding? There's NO escaping SDCC this year, as the convention has grown to encompass all of San Diego. From roaming hordes of zombies, non-stop parties, to pop-up stores, here's ten things to do outside of San Diego Comic-Con... That aren't really outside of San Diego Comic-Con:

1. Adventure Time!

The All-Ages cartoon and comic book takes over Comic-Con... Or more specifically, they’re taking over the New Children’s Museum of San Diego at 200 West Island Avenue from July 11-July 15 to celebrate everything from the Land of Ooo. This includes an AT themed art exhibit, and a chance to unlock special prizes in the Keyper Seeker experience. Sounds cool, but last year they held a parade, so this has a lot to top.

2. Dawn of the Con

On July 12th, from 5:30pm-11pm, Rob Zombie is hosting the “Dawn of the Con” welcome party, presented by VH1 Classic in PetCo Park, including giveaways, a photo booth, and a custom pressed T-shirt bar. Nothing says, “hardcore heavy metal” like custom T-shirts, you guys!

3. Tr!ckster

Last year’s alternative to Comic-Con was a delight, a nice calm place to hang out while browsing indie comics and prints - as well as view demonstrations and hear tips from pros. Luckily, they’re coming back again... And so are we.

4. Extra at Comic-Con

We’ve already covered this a bit, but the Extra Stage outside of Hall H means that even if you can’t get into SDCC, you’re still in SDCC. Featuring guest interviews, events, and every Batmobile ever, those looking for a little respite from the madness of CCI? Good luck.

5. The Walking Dead Escape!

There’s a joke in here somewhere about being in San Diego Comic-Con, hordes of zombies, and running for your life, but we just can’t put our fingers on it... Anyway, in celebration of the hundredth issue of Walking Dead, you can sign up to either run away from zombies, be a zombie, or just watch people run away from zombies in PetCo Park. Note: none of those zombies will be Rob Zombie, he’s just chasing people around in his spare time.

6. Gaslamp Gets Grimm

Okay, so you managed to escape the Convention Center, and the Extra Stage, and headed to grab something to eat int he Gaslamp District. Safe, right? WRONG. NBC has taken over most of the road out of Comic-Con, turning it over to returning TV show Grimm, and new show Revolution. Which means that you’ll have to get all the way to Los Angeles to escape looking at horribly misshapen monsters, and roving bands of post-apocalyptic shlubs looking for supplies. Hm, now that we wrote that, you may have to go past LA, too.

7. Doctor Who Tumblr Meet-Up

The over 100,000 follower strong Doctor Who Tumblr is holding a meet-up on Saturday, July 14th, 2-4pm, at Basic at 410 10th Ave. Though we doubt all of the followers will be there, the Tumblr promises surprises, prizes, guests and more - so this is a must for Who fans at the Con, and will hopefully tide us over until the big Hall H panel on Sunday!

8. Course of the Force

If you’re around Wednesday night, be sure to check out the finale of the lightsaber rally Course of the Force, as it runs down the Pacific Beach starting at 7am, and ends at the Balboa Theater with a concert at 12:30pm. Needless to say, but: bring your own saber.

9. Nerd HQ

With free to use laptops with wifi, gaming, panels, and a shop, Zachary Levi is setting up a mini Comic-Con outside of Comic-Con. Yes, another one. But with some fun appearances throughout, and an expanded lay out for the store, this may be another nice place to hang when you need a break from the Con floor.

10. Something Viral

One year, the Joker was revealed - for The Dark Knight - at Comic-Con, through a massive treasure hunt. Another year, fans were led to a recreation of Flynn’s Arcade from Tron Legacy. Will this year tie into another movie, or TV show, or - heaven forbid - comic book? Regardless, keep your eyes peeled, look to the skies, and take every flyer handed to you... Just in case.