Avengers vs. X-Men, Batman: Earth One, and Battlepug: New Comics For July 4th

Happy Independence... From having to buy a lot of comic books, you guys! This week, New Comic Day falls on July 4th, and somewhat shockingly new comics are being sold ON July 4th. Sure there’s still a lot of product hitting them there shelves, but not a lot of MUST buy comics. There’s a few though, so here we go:

Biggest one is probably AVENGERS VS X-MEN #7, which continues the domination of the Phoenix Five, and the subjugation of the Avengers. After last issue, you know the other shoe is going to drop for the X-Men at some point - will this be when things start going sour for our Merry Mutants? If you’ve got the change, definitely pick up AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #689, neatly tying into the Lizard-mania sure to hit kids in wake of the current big budget movie; and INFERNAL MAN-THING #1, which is a comic called “Infernal Man-Thing,” so go buy it.

Over at DC Comics, the big release is BATMAN: EARTH ONE #1, the long awaited graphic novel from Geoff Johns and Gary Frank - a modern retelling of the Batman mythos, with some new twists. The publisher also has HE MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE #1, a modern retelling of the He-Man mythos, with some new twists; and BEFORE WATCHMEN: OZYMANDIAS #1, a modern retelling of the Watchmen mythos, with some new twists. So we’ve got your number, DC.

Otherwise, we highly recommend you pick up the following original works:

- MIKE NORTON’S BATTLEPUG VOL 1, because you can’t go wrong with a barbarian riding a giant pug fighting killer adorable seals.

- MIND MGMT #2, continuing Matt Kindt’s tripped out caper through a spy thriller... Of the mind.

- And THE BOYS #68, because holy cow, this series is almost over, and no one is getting out alive.

That’s it! Enjoy your burgers, and we’ll see you next week.