Hey Austin! 'Frankenweenie' Premiering at Fantastic Fest

Tim Burton's latest will open the 2012 film festival. Plus, check out this year's Fantastic Fest poster by artist Mike Saputo after the jump.

I'm as dubious at this late-career Burton film as I am excited about it, because frankly it's, you know, late-Burton filmmaking. His work has grown ever more elaborate in its design and staging, while actual characters and emotional beats have simply atrophied (or in the case of Dark Shadows were just omitted entirely).

Frankenweenie sees the director returning to animation for the first time since 05's Corpse Bride, and while that movie had its own problems, it was still an original work (and his first stab at a musical, to boot!). I'm still not sure how Burton and screenwriter John August plan to stretch the admittedly cute premise (adapted from an early Burton short) into a feature, but I'll almost compulsively watch a new stop-motion movie. And one that's in black and white?

Anyway, Burton's film will be opening the Alamo Drafthouse's celebration of genre film big and small before the movie goes wide theatrically on October 5th.

Click on the post thumbnail below to embiggen Saputo's work:

[gallery link="file"]

Fantastic Fest runs from September 20-27 in Austin, TX at the South Lamarr Alamo Drafthouse. You can find more information about the festival, including the lineup as it develops, on the Fantastic Fest site.

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