'Guardians of the Galaxy' Gets a Movie, an Ape Smokes Cigarettes and More in the Daily Geek!

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- THANOS THANOS THANOS! Marvel's mystery movie is Guardians of the Galaxy!

- SPEAKING OF THANOS! Guardians of the Galaxy 25 by Alex Garner!

- NSFW!! Watch the trailer for The Man With the Iron Fists, from RZA, Quentin Tarantino and Eli Roth!

- I WONDER IF DOWNEY WILL BE CHARMING? Iron Man 3 is coming to Comic-Con!

- I WONDER IF HE'LL SAY "I'LL BE BACK"? Arnold is coming to Comic-Con!

- IS FILM DEAD? Scorsese is shooting Wolf of Wall Street digitally?

- SMOKING APE! This behind-the-scenes pic from Planet of the Apes is totally my new Facebook profile pic! Click through for more!

- OBLIVION! M83 will score the Tom Cruise flick Oblivion!

- HORROR A-Z! How many of these horror flicks can you name?

- JOIN OR DIE! Voltron/The American Revolution!

- I HATE EARTH! Watch all five episodes of the sci-fi comedy webseries I Hate Earth! Think Curb Your Enthusiasm meets The Odd Couple...but sci-fi! Watch the teaser right here and follow the link to watch the rest!

'til Monday, gang!