Spider-Man May Have Alpha, But These Are The 10 Best Sidekicks Ever

Guess who’s getting a sidekick? None other than Spider-Man, who will take on a l’il buddy of his own in Amazing Spider-Man #692 named Alpha. But this new kid has a lot to live up to, as comics have a long tradition of sidekicks that almost overshadow their mentors. Here are the then best sidekicks… Ever:

10. Stripesy

How do you prove you’re the best Step-Dad ever? Dress up in a giant robot suit to help out your superhero daughter, and pretend to be an actual robot so she doesn’t get embarrassed to hang out with her Step-Dad.

9. Bucky

Though you might argue James Barnes really came into his own as the grown-up Winter Soldier, Bucky has always been the consummate sidekick. He aided Captain America in World War II, and through his heroic sacrifice (that turned out just to be a faked death, mind you), he’s inspired generations of other young heroes in the Marvel U.

8. Jubilee

This was a bit of a toss-up between Wolverine’s many, many young girl companions. But where most of them have gone on to forge identities of their own, Jubilation Lee was always at her best when she was palling around with Marvel’s hairiest mutant in the Australian Outback. She saved Wolvie when he was down, helped stop the evil reavers, and looked, er, cool(esque[ish]) while doing it.

7. Arthur

Who else could put up with the bombastic Tick than the put upon Arthur, aka The Moth? And this accountant by day, poorly flying superhero at night does it with aplomb, supporting his main man when no one else will.

6. Woozy Winks

You have to be pretty ridiculous to be the comedic relief for Plastic Man, but with a name like Woozy Winks, you’ve got a pretty good head start. Completely inept, ridiculously proportioned, Woozy Winks makes the nearly insane Plastic Man look like the smartest guy on Earth.

5. Kato

In whatever iteration you most favor of classic comic book character The Green Hornet, the one constant is Kato, GH’s valet and assistant, who also kicks even more butt than the masked hero does.

4. Jimmy Olsen

Superman’s best pal Jimmy Olsen may end up in ridiculous messes more often than not - and even goes on his own adventures on occasion - but he’s always the guy who believes in Supes, even when no one else does. Heck, he’s even got a signal watch to summon his best friend in times of need! If DC Comics were any more progressive, the two would probably get married.

3. Bob, Agent of HYDRA

There may be no more reluctant and put upon sidekick than Deadpool’s “best bud” Bob, Agent of HYDRA. The sad sack “villain” just wants the crazy mercenary to leave him alone, but because DP is nuts and thinks Bob is his best friend, it’ll never, ever happen. Still, despite all that, Bob has developed a bit of Stockholm Syndrome for his persecutor... And over time, HAS become Deadpool’s bestie.

2. Robin

Which Robin to choose? The current guy in the suit, Damian Wayne - the son of Bruce Wayne and villain Talia al Ghul - is pretty great, but he’s working against his Daddy more often than not. And Dick Grayson is the original, though he’s forged more of his own identity as the heroic Nightwing. And though we’d like to call this for Stephanie Brown just to satisfy her die-hard fans, her stint was so brief it’s tough to say she’s the second best sidekick of all time. Nope, it’s Tim Drake, the kid so smart, he was able to figure out who Batman was all on his own. A proper partner and student for The Dark Knight, Drake easily stands as not just one of the best sidekicks, but also one of the best comic book characters, period.

1. Rick Jones

Marvel’s Rick Jones was the first name we thought of for this list, and THE guy when you think of comic book sidekicks. He’s the guy who will never, ever take full center stage (even though multiple events and storylines have revolved around him), because he’s always standing in the shadows of the guys he’s hanging out with. Whether it’s causing the creation of The Hulk, tagging along with Captain America, or playing host to Captain Marvel, Jones is always second banana... And that’s the way we like him.