It's A Brave New Con World: Random Badge Checks, "Weapon" Inspections At SDCC 2012

Not so fast, Mr. Stormtrooper! Do you have a wristband for that blaster?

Hey, is this San Diego Comic-Con or the TSA? While conventioneers this year won't have to go through a metal detector, they will be subject to "weapon" inspections and random badge checks. And don't forget to bring your I.D.!

According to NBC San Diego, badge security will be increased this year, with random checks occurring throughout the weekend to cut down on counterfeits. David Glanzer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for SDCC 2012, explained the tougher security measures:

"Security has been very, very good about seeing counterfeit badges but at the end of the event, you may 10 or 15 badges with one person’s name used multiple times..."

But the new guidelines for cosplay weaponry on the con floor are somewhat more intense. For starters, if you intend to bring such a prop into the convention center, you'll need to get a wristband from security. There will be a "Weapons Check Desk" in Lobby E, and will have to confirm to state and federal law.Other pointers for those interested in bringing their lightsabers, samurai swords, and honking-big Liefeld-esque laser rifles include rendering projectile weapons inoperable, and tying swords to your costume so they cannot be drawn.

And if you don't stop by the check desk to get your inspection and wristband? According to the SDCC 2012 website, "Security will escort you to the security station for inspection if your costume weapon is not tagged." For some reason, I can't get the image out of my head of a Joker cosplayer with an oversized purple mallet being dragged to the security station, yelling something about "bruuuuuutality!!!"

The NBC article goes on to enumerate the rare instances in which actual violence has occurred at SDCC: one involving a pen-stabbing, and the other actor Rhys Ifans. So it seems to me that what they really need to ban at the cons are writing implements and Welsh actors.

Hey, let's be careful out there.

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