Review: Testing the Waters of Brony-dom with Blind Bagged My Little Pony Toys

Full Disclosure: I've seen 52 episodes of The Hub's My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Am I a fan? Not really, but I don't hate it either. You see, I am beholden to the whims of a nine year-old evil genius who manages to run roughshod over me when it comes to TV viewing, so seeing Rainbow Dash rushing headlong into trouble is now as common as witnessing Spider-Man doing the same. The show is surprisingly funny, with some jokes hitting the same all-ages flair as those found in Adventure Time and Regular Show, and we watch it together while hating on Applejack -- She's so needy! Anyway, while recently roaming the aisles at Meijer and looking for the new Hasbro 3 3/4" Avengers Hawkeye, I came across a temptation beyond compare: blind bagged toys! Not just any old pieces of hidden plastic, mind you, but My Little Pony! Knowing my addiction to secret toys AND my daughter's love of the cutie-marked equine, I grabbed a few and decided to review 'em.-- Cause why the hell not, right?

The packaging consists of an overly-large foil bag emblazoned with various characters from the toy line and accompanying show. A palace looms in the background with the mirrored-finish of the foil making up the sky behind it. A mysterious silhouette of a pony with a question mark in it calls to the buyer to try their luck and the "Collect All 24!" bubble let's you know that you will not escape without buying at least a few of these. On the back, there is a small visible checklist of the Ponies available, along with a link to the My Little Pony website. The lumps in the bag are somewhat distinguishable, but with only 3 different figure molds used, there's really no ay to decipher who's in the bag until you open it up.

Once opened, we quickly found out there was more in this bag than meets the eye. Well, actually it's mostly the same stuff you get with all blind bagged/boxed figures, but in this day and age we're happy for it. Each package contains the Pony, a character card with a pic on the front and small bio on the back, and another visible checklist. Who'd we get? Read on Bronies, read on!

Out of 4 random packages, we scored 3 different figures. Not bad, but considering there are 24 possible toys, it's still kind of a bummer to pull a double. Out of those 4, only 1 is featured as a main cast member on Friendship is Magic: Pinkie Pie. According to my daughter,"She's the one that likes to have parties." Good enough for me. Each figure clocks in between a measly 1 3/4" tall to, a somewhat less-measly, 2" tall. Not incredibly tiny, but far smaller than i figured they'd be considering how huge the packaging is. The Ponies are each molded in their base color, with paint applied to the mane, tail, eyes, and "cutie-marks" to give them their individual character. The eyes and cutie-marks looked to be tampographed, so no worry about messes there, and for the Ponies' size, the mane and tail have very little paint slop.

Here's a closer look at each individual toy, along with the bio from their cardback:

Pinkie Pie

Pinkie Pie keeps her pony friends laughing and smiling all day! Cheerful and playful, she always looks on the bright side.


Bumblesweet is very polite! She loves to talk to everypony and always has something nice to say.

Sugar Grape

Sugar Grape loves to read stories. Fairy tales are her favorite!

So, what did we learn today? First off, blind bagged toys are addicting, regardless of what they contain. Second, these My Little Pony toys make any photograph about 97% cuter than anything we could pull of with our usual rough-n'-tumble action figure fare. While I'm still not quite ready to join the Brony Nation, at only $2.50 each, there might be more of these in my collection daughter's future.

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