'Indiana Jones' Films Coming to Blu-ray With Frame-by-Frame Restoration

Nearly four years after Kingdom of the Crystal Skull brought the series to hi-def and over 31 years after raiders made its big-screen debut, Paramount and Lucasfilm are giving the Indy a good visual scrubbing for a September release of Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures. And while getting Raiders in HD will be great, these guys really missed the boat by not releasing the set in a collectible Ark box.

More details after the jump.

According to this morning's press release, the set will contain all four films in 1080p with 5.1 DTS HD sound. The most fascinating part of the announcement was that Raiders went through a process where the negatives were scanned frame by frame in order to repair any damage to the originals in a process supervised by director Steven Spielberg and sound designer Ben Burtt.

Burtt has gone through and taken some of the original mono audio effects elements using his original master mix from '81, while also making improvements to the original audio to increase dialog clarity. Presumably (hopefully) Temple of Doom and Last Crusade have likewise received the same kind of care and attention.

The release promises some new special features as well as featurettes, interviews, etc, but no word on how much of this will be in HD (I have to assume some of it was from the 2008 special editions released around Crystal Skull. Additionally, it looks like you'll have to get all four together, so no dice just getting a copy of Temple of Doom if you're some kind of unabashed monkey brains fanatic.

Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures will be available on September 18th for MSRP $99.99.

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