SDCC 2012: McFarlane and Skybound Bring an Exclusive Michonne Along to Manage the Zombie Hordes

Just as we were finalizing our Top Ten Coolest SDCC-Exclusive Action Figures List, this shows up as inconveniently as a group of Walkers when your just trying to mind your own business and take a leak out behind Hershel's barn! McFarlane Toys has produced a run of con-exclusive Michonne figures, based on Image Comics' The Walking Dead comic series, that will only be available at Robert Kirkman's Skybound booth during the big show. For fans who already own the comic series-version, this is pretty much the same deal-- with a ton of added blood and a sweet-ass poncho! Not only that, but the packaging features brand new art by series mainstay Charlie Adlard. Looks like our Michonne will be safe from the coming invasion--safe inside her plastic prison!

Here's all the info from McFarlane's website:

Robert Kirkman is the creator/writer of Eisner Award-winning Skybound/Image comic series and best-selling graphic novels, The Walking Dead. Michonne is such a beloved, badass character from the comics, the release of the Skybound Exclusive Bloody Michonne action figure by McFarlane Toys has been hotly anticipated. To celebrate the release of the 100th issue of The Walking Dead on July 11, Skybound will give the people at San Diego Comic-Con exactly what they want.

Kirkman says, "Comic-Con is the place for getting rare exclusive swag and Michonne’s never been more popular, so we thought this would be the perfect time to team with McFarlane Toys to produce this exclusive Michonne figure."

Available exclusively from Skybound Entertainment, McFarlane Toys’ limited edition Bloody Michonne action figure is slated for release at San Diego Comic-Con. The figures will sell for $25 at the Skybound booth. This bloody version of Michonne is featured with the blood-spattered poncho she wore upon her first encounter with Rick and the survivors and is fully accessorized for all of her unforgettable acts of vengeance to come.

The figure comes with bloody versions of her signature katana sword and various implements of revenge including a power drill, hammer, pliers, and spoon. Features approximately 22 points of articulation. Packaging features new art The Walking Dead artist Charlie Adlard.

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