New Heath Ledger Joker Action Figure By Hot Toys So Real It's SCARY!

You might know high-end doll action-figure company Hot Toys from their hyper-realistic 1/6 scale "replicas" of such icons as the Christopher Reeve version of Superman. Well, the new "Dark Knight" Joker they've been teasing on their Facebook page as of late might blow all previous figures out of the water. Owning one of these babies will probably feel like having the Clown Prince Of Crime right in the room with you (pleasant dreams!):

Dubbed "The Joker 2.0" (they had released a previous version of the character), Hot Toys promises that it will be the ULTIMATE toy incarnation of Batman's homicidal arch-enemy. In a previous Facebook reveal, they showed off the figure's meticulously-crafted costuming, which they assure will feature "well tailored movie-accurate cutting and materials":

No release date yet on this soon-to-be collector's item...but it's sure to be on every Bat-fan's holiday gift list!

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