A Look at the Intestines of a LEGO Man and More in The Daily Geek!

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- LONG DAY! The Bat's beat. By Bock

- SUPERHER-NO! Cracked counts down 22 rejected credit scenes from Superhero flicks.

- GET OUTTA HERE, CARL! So Carl will be less annoying in Walking Dead season 3?

- BEST BANE EVER? Does Batman & Robin deserve at least a little love? YUP!

- BIGGER ON THE INSIDE? GROSS. A TARDIS bathrobe for Timelord lounging.(via @bonniegrrl)

- IT'S BEEN BUILDING! Yup...Aliens vs. Titanic is a thing!

- EARLY FANDOM! Is this the first Spider-Man fanfilm?

- SPOLIER! What did David say to the Engineer in Prometheus?

- LEGO MAN INSIDES They should dissect Lego Men in school.

- TWI-TEASES! Here are 5 things to get pumped for about The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2!


'til tomorrow, gang!