SDCC 2012: Square Enix Reveals Exclusive Black and White Batman and Joker Arkham Asylum Figures

Things sure are gonna be tough after San Diego Comic-Con International 2012. With our addiction love video games and action figures being put to the test, we'll probably be living on the street thanks to blowing all our hard-earned rent money at the show for things like these Black and White Play Arts Kai figures from Square Enix' Batman: Arkham Asylum line. Both Batman and the Joker will be available exclusively at the show. Both figures were previously released in regular game-accurate colors earlier this year, and we even reviewed Bats if you'd like some idea on just how incredible these toys really are.

Read on for more photos and info on how to get these two if you aren't able to attend the show!

Here's the blurb from Square Enix' website about the monochrome arch-enemies:

Batman™ and The Joker™ from Batman: Arkham Asylum™, the video game adaptation of DC Comics’ world-renowned series, have been made as PLAY ARTS -KAI- action figures. Featuring over 26 points of articulation, these exquisite figures come to life with stunning poseability. Both Batman and The Joker come with interchangeable hands and their trademark weapons.

For those of you not able to make it out to San Diego, Square Enix has a pre-order up for a limited quantity of both Batman and the Joker on their online store and they're scheduled to ship out on July 12th. Go here for all the details!

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